Lisa Meechan

Lisa Meechan


Welcome to my Visual Portfolio! 

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A brief write-up about my teaching background:

I’m a goal oriented, creative person who loves children and has a passion for teaching Reading and Literacy in fun and effective ways. I'm certified in Reading, Language Arts, and ESL. I've created many engaging and effective early reading materials (see The Early Reading Company below). I have helped set up reading interventions in my school and was on the district intervention committee. 

I recently became Nationally Board Certified in Early and Middle Literacy for ages 3-12 and I have recently completed a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

I love helping and watching children learn to read. There is no better gift than I can give than to open the doors to literacy for children. To me, literacy is the key to freedom.  I feel blessed that I have the tools, training and talents to teach reading and open the doors for dreams to come true for many. 

Work experience

Work experience


Montessori International

1987-1999Montessori International

Teacher – Infants - 3rd Grade

Under Madame Elizabeth Caspari - one of Maria Montessori's original students

  • Collaborated developing a progressive, highly effective, hands-on, Literacy Curriculums for           Infants-3rd Grade.
  • Contributed in creating products for an early literacy catalog.
  • Taught each age level, infants-3rd grade for approximately 2 years each.
Jun 2008 - Present

Reading Tutor

Reading Tutor

I have a private tutoring business serving special  and regular education students reading needs.

Jan 2003 - Jun 2008


Barrington CUSD 220

Reading Teacher - ESL Teacher

  • Reading/ESL Teacher - Teacher at Sunny Hill Elementary and Lines Elementary Schools teaching K-5 Reading and ESL in various modes including pull-out, push-in, RTI and guided reading.
  • Kindergarten Coach - Increased Sunny Hill’s early literacy kindergarten Dibels scores from lowest in district to 2nd highest in one school year bycoaching both English and Spanish kindergarten teachers.
Jun 1999 - Dec 2003

Creative Director / Teacher

The Early Reading Company

1999-2004The Early Reading Company/Hillside Preschool

  • Creative Director/TeacherCreated Preschool and Kindergarten Early Reading Curriculum and extensive amount of materials for The Early Reading Company.
  • Teacher at Hillside Preschool and Kindergarten part-time to test out materials 

The Early Reading Company is currently selling my materials and curriculums at


2005 - Present

ESL Endorsement

National Louis University
2003 - 2004

1994 - 1998

Pan American Montessori Teacher Training
1978 - 1981

BS Elementary Education K-9


Jul 2009 - Jul 2019

National Board Certification

Literacy- Early to Middle ages 3-12

Illinois Teacher Certification

ECS - Educator Certification System