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Energetic, hands-on self-starter with over 15 years progressive financial oversight, specializing in financial systems, team building, forecasting, fund accounting and job costing. Extensive experience in planning, organizing and controlling corporate analysis and maintenance of accounting, financial, and statistical reports/records to account for financial resources. Demonstrated excellence in training staff and building into diverse yet cohesive teams. Mentor staff and serve as a sounding board for handling accounting issues throughout the responsible enterprises.

Work experience

May 2004Present


Plumb Perfect Plumbing, Inc

Oversee accounting and hiring functions for million-dollar family owned service company.

  • Reduce outstanding accounts receivable by $80,000 in first six months.
  • Create job costing tracking system and quoting system to increase profit on contracts by 10%.
  • Implement financial controls to bring company into GAAP compliance.
  • Create cost accounting spreadsheets and increase job profitability by 12%.
  • Maintain KPI report that helped owners increase cash flow by 7%.
Apr 2007May 2011

Administrative Operations Manager

University of California, Santa Barbara

Direct activities of multi-million dollar governmental department and oversee administrative and financial units, supervising activities and reviewing all accounting and payroll functions.

  • Built cross-departmental relationships to secure the return of $1.5million in back-due funding.
  • Revamped financial tracking systems that resulted in cutting travel costs by $20,000 and supplies and entertainment costs by over $50,000.
  • Implement financial controls and eliminate need for end-of-year cleanup.
  • Develop policy and procedure, create and standardize internal controls.
  • Create financial reports that helped eliminate downward trend and create positive cash flow for the first time in five years.
  • Mange multi-year construction project, coming in over $11,000 under budget for the initial phase, allowing multiple phases to occur with surplus.
Mar 2003May 2004

Insurance Inspector

Precision Risk Surveys

Independent insurance inspector verifying details of insurance policies to prevent fraud or lapse.
  • Excellent customer service to obtain information from difficult clients.
  • Impeccable time management skills to keep 40-60 projects going at any one time and keep policies from lapsing.

Product Manager

Pinnacle Art & Frame
  • Cost accounting to monitor manufacturing costs and set sale price for retail products.Prepare sales presentations for customers.Increased product placement with five customers.

Sales & Service Manager

Pinnacle Art & Frame

  • Take over management of 79-person sales team to allow sales manager to focus on company goals.
  • Last employee hired before company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.Was one of seven employees out of nearly 500 kept after restructuring.

Receptionist/Accounts Payable Clerk

Mesa Vineyard Management

  • Maintain accounts payable for five vineyards utilizing fund accounting.Enable management company to take on a sixth vineyard without adding additional administrative staff.
  • Perform internal audit to clean up vendor files and maintain 100% accuracy of accounts payable.
  • Take over hiring duties for office manager and ensure most qualified applicants were recruited and retained.


Rodger L. Martin, Attorney at Law

  • As receptionist, handle initial intake and interview of prospective clients.
  • Assist in entry of accounting records in accounting software for multiple bookkeeping clients.
  • Perform data entry and stock market analysis for attorney, enabling him to grow his portfolio and retire.



LeTourneau University


Lisa Przekop

It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Lydia Davenport, a candidate for the Accounting/Financial Manager position in your company. Lydia is a uniquely talented manager and vital member of our Admissions management team and I have no doubt that she is highly qualified to satisfy the duties within your posted position.

Lydia began her position as the Business Officer for the Office of Admissions in April 2007.Within a very short period, Lydia demonstrated her ability to take duties requiring a high degree of responsibility that truly showcased her technical computing knowledge, the ability to coordinate complex projects, and excellent communication skills.

Lydia came to the position of Business Manager from outside the university structure.This was a departure for us as we typically favored hiring staff from within the University of California system.Our thought has always been that the UC structure is so complex that we only wanted staff who were already familiar with our processes.Lydia exuded such confidence and professionalism that we took a chance and hired her over several other staff who had experience within our system.Lydia did not disappoint.She jumped in quickly and learned very complex payroll and accounting systems.She met key administrative players on campus who could answer any questions she had and took it upon herself to complete self-training.

Her first major task within the office was to completely remodel our outdated office. This included furnishings, computer wiring, and meeting ergonomic standards.The UC administrative structure for building contracts using outside vendors is highly complex.Lydia handled contracts, our Business Office, and staff who were highly adverse to change with the patience of a saint!Truly her transition into our office was trial by fire and she emerged unscathed.

Lydia worked closely with our computing staff to over-haul our previous outdated accounting procedures and turned them into an extremely organized, computerized system using both Microsoft Excel and Access to produce detailed financial reports for our management team.In addition to budget management, she also supervised other clerical positions within the office.Lydia has the ability to think projects though to the point that she is generally several steps ahead of the game.By the time you think to ask her for something, she has already taken care of the problem.Details are her specialty!

As Associate Director within the office, I can attest to the fact that Lydia’s efficiency freed up much time in my own schedule.Time I previously spent calculating my budgets, following up on payments received/paid, and tracking timecards and payroll was completely eliminated.Lydia’s systems of budget and tracking allowed me to pass these responsibilities onto her.

In addition to the high caliber work she regularly produced, I think it’s important to point out that Lydia has a great sense of humor.In an office such as ours where the demand is high and the staffing is woefully inadequate to cover the demand, having a sense of humor helps one through the stressful periods.It is also important for you to know that Lydia is a team player.There is no task too small or too large that Lydia isn’t willing to assist with.Lydia has done everything from stuffing envelopes for large mailings to setting up accounting systems for numerous complex grant programs----whatever it takes to get the job done.

Again, your gain in selecting Lydia to fill your position would be significant.She will produce whatever is necessary and she is a creative problem solver.I hope you will give her application serious consideration.

Mary Morris

Phil Rotondi

Arlene Shelor


Quickbooks Pro
Microsoft Office Suite
Microsoft Excel
Fiscal Analysis
Internal Controls
Job Costing
Fund Accounting


Master, Transformative Mediation

Institute Conflict Transformation

Certified Management Accountant (Candidate)