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To become a tech blogger and social media copy writer in highly productive and creative professional team at a suitable technology magazine what even online or printed as my passion about technology news and social media trends will be utilized at it's highest level.


  • Reading and following tech news through feedy or facebook or twitter
  • Learning new sciences by reading books about it or watching video courses
  • Reading political news every morning
  • Watching documentaries and live conferences
  •   Swimming
  • Watching English movies and series

About Me

I am 25 male from Egypt with more than 9 years experience in PCs and internet and with about 3 years experience in social media world , I am very passionate about tech news and social media and all tech stuff that made me following all tech leaders blogs around the world like ( Mashable , LifeHacker , TechCrunch , PC Magazine , .......) and all tech geeks in Egypt or all over the world . I am also have a very good knowledge of all tech trends that flying around like android , bada , iPhone 4G ...... and i have a very good ability in analyzing news and new products , services and provide readers with good manual about them. They said love what you do til you do what you love and tech world is what i love and what i want to do i am like enchanted with that shiny world better than have fun only in Fridays i will have fun every minute.



Work experience

Feb 2010Sep 2010

Owner and Copy Writer

Arab Buzz

i created this micro tech blog "Arab Buzz" in 2/2010 and although the few posts number in this blog they are so valuable and organic posts , some of these posts not just an articles they are like deep in researches in what ever already existed services or new. I although the one who chose and designed all photos attached with the posts and i although the one who edit the blogger template and designed some banners.

Nov 2008Feb 2010

Owner and Copy Writer

Tips Box

I am the owner and articles writer in tech blog "" and as it was my first experience in tech blogging i achieved a great success with this blog as it reached one day to page rank 3 with Alexia rank between 200,000 and 150,000 but i must admit that coz i was only seeking for advertising money i started to be nonspecialist and unorganized which leaded the blog to fail .

i redesigned the blog template and i designed the logo and blog banner.

Aug 2004Dec 2007

Designer and Articles Writer

Dvd4Arab Forums

As a member of the torrent team in Dvd4Arab Forums (PTS - private trackers section) i was the responsible about team designs with another creative member , i was posting articles about the huge events in torrent and private trackers world.


Arabic - mother tongue English - Good reading and writing skills
Web Developing
Basic knowledge in Html and learning in progress ... Css learning in progress Installing web scripts like (WordPress , Joomla , Blogger , ....)
Writing good articles and posts for SEO. SEO optimization and Keywords researching and brainstorm. Spreading about in social media and branding blog logo.
Basic but good enough Photoshop skills which able me to create influence posts images and logos
Copy Writing
Ability to fetcher the social media trends before they spread out and create good SEO articles about them. creating new services and products coming out and great manual for readers. Creating like tech news bullets which contain micro but well informing and amusing tech news. Experienced in writing feature articles about technology and social media news.


Aug 2010


Sep 2008

English Course

British Institue