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3D Texture Artist available for hire.


Recent graduate from the Academy of Art University (AAU), MFA in Animation and Visual Effects with an emphasis in 3D texturing/surface detail.   I have 10 years of creative experience in the feature film industry doing post-production, intermediate, and restoration work in both live action and 2D animation pipelines. I have worked on contemporary and classic titles released by major Hollywood studios e.g. Paramount, Warner Bros., Disney, and Twentieth Century-Fox. My last decade of professional growth, in skills and training were accrued during my tenure in post-production studios such as Eastman Kodak's Cinesite, Laser Pacific, Lowery Digital Images, and CIS Hollywood. I am very organized, detail orientated, reliable, and sensitive to the requirements of working in a production environment. Some of my key skills include, but are not limited to the following:
  • PhotoShop (photo imaging and painting)
  • Maya (modeling, texturing/shader development, lighting and rendering)
  • Headus Uvlayout (laying out UVs)
  • ZBrush, Mudbox & Modo (3D painting texture, bump, specular, opacity, normal & displacement maps)

Work experience

Nov 2005Feb 2006

Freelance Roto / Paint Artist

CIS Hollywood

  • Painted out any wires, rigs and random objects in high action shots using Curious. Rotoscoped characters and / or objects from background plates using Silhouette FX and Shake.
  • Worked, rendered and published all shot sequences on a MAC station using Unix.
  • Communicated daily with producers, schedulers and compositors on shot status to meet client deadlines.

Digital Intermediate / Visual Effects Titles: Poseidon and X-Men 3: The Last Stand

Apr 2005Nov 2005

Restoration Artist

Lowry Digital Images
  • Restored digital film files for animation, motion picture and television projects using proprietary software on a MAC workstation.
  • Remove dust, artifacts, and scratches. Fix frame bumps, color mistimes, and grain halos.
  • Rotoscope characters, manually repaint digital animation cells, and redraw/ stabilize animation errors.
  • File management and conducted the transfer of files from servers to and from local stations using a FTP Client.

Digital Restoration Titles: Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Goldeneye, Jungle Book, Lady and the Tramp, Laverne & Shirley, Moonraker, Thunderball, and 101 Dalmatians.

Mar 2005Nov 2005

Freelance Digital Paint Artist

iO Film
  • Dust-busted artifacts and debris from digital film files using MTI.

Digital Intermediate Titles: 10th & Wolf, Neverwas, Supercross and The Wedding Date.

Nov 2004Jan 2005

Freelance Digital Paint Artist

Laser Pacific
  • Dust-busted artifacts from digital film files using MTI and proprietary software on a Linux workstation.

Digital Intermediate Titles: Duma, Matador, Into The Blue and The Woods.

Oct 2003Jul 2004

Digital Paint Artist

  • Mapped and removed dust, artifacts, scratches, wires and rigs from digital film files using proprietary software on a Unix workstation.

Digital Restoration Titles: The Blot, Imitation of Life, andWilliamsburg.

Digital Intermediate Titles: Autumn, Barbershop 2, Blade: Trinity, Mask, Paparazzi, Ray, and She Hate Me.

Mar 2001Oct 2003

Digital Content Manager

Deluxe Media Management
  • Coordinated images for use on Warner Bros. International Television's internal website, digital press kits, and for various marketing promotions.
  • Digitized physical assets including digital clean-up, color correction and retouching of digital image files. Uploaded assets that were formatted and re-sized for usage in both print and web-based workflows.
  • Managed the research and writing of metadata for active images on the website.
  • Performed special projects: hand-carried master film reels to Warner Bros. International's satellite offices overseas and trained co-workers in Adobe Photoshop.

3D Texturing-Demo Reel



Linus / Unix OS
Windows OS
Adobe - Illustrator
Headus - UVLayout
Luxology - Modo
Autodesk - Maya
Pixologic - ZBrush
Corel - Painter
Adobe - After Effects
Adobe - PhotoShop

Digital Art

Traditional Art