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Purpose of Portfolio and Work Philosophy

Purpose of Portfolio:

  • The purpose of this portfolio is to highlight the skills, experience, and knowledge I have acquired through education and job practice for future graduate school administrators so that I may continue my educational career and acquire a Master's degree in Dietetics. By doing so, I then plan to complete my dietetic internship and acquire my RD credentials, using my educational background as a platform upon which to build a successful career in the field of dietetics. Submitting this portfolio will be the first step in exposing my educational and work-based history to prospective graduate schools and continue my educational career in a field of study of which I am truly passionate.

Work Philosophy:

  • A job well done is not the finished product; it's the planning, hard-work, dedication, committment, and discipline used throughout the process to reach your goal.
  • If you don't learn from an experience, whether good or bad, you're not doing it correctly.
  • If you are to the point of giving up, prepare an alternate method to reach your goal with more efficiency and without hindering the results.

Volunteer, Leadership, and Membership Activites


  • Shared in planning and volunteering at the IUP Community Nutrition Food DriveSpring 2012
  • Supported in cleaning the streets of Indiana during “Into the Streets”Spring 2011
  • Participated in the planning and volunteering at IUP's National Nutrition Month ExpoSpring 2011, Spring 2012 


  • Member of Student Association of Nutrition and Dietetics  Fall semester 2010 – Present
  • Member of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics


  • Held committee chair position of Student Dietetic Association Fall semester 2012 - Present


Laura Heineman is a senior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). She is working toward a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition following a Dietetics Track. She is expected to graduate in May 2013. She is a motivated student and has been disciplined and driven to maintain a 3.63 cumulative GPA, while making the Dean's List five of six semesters since she has been at IUP.

Laura is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as well as a committee chair in the Student Association of Nutrition and Dietetics (SAND) at IUP. Laura is currently employed at a YMCA where she promotes health and well-being to the community. She was also a nutritionist for a children's summer camp and a weight loss program, providing nutritional guidance and counseling for both adults and youth. Laura has also been employed at a center for health and rehabilitation where she worked as a dietetic aide, acquiring skills and knowledge in clinical nutrition that she later applied during coursework at IUP. Her gained knowledge and experience in community, clinical, and counseling environments outside of the classroom has driven her to continue her education in dietetics.

Upon graduation, Laura is hoping to continue her educational career and obtain a Master's degree in Dietetics and then complete her dietetic internship.


Rita Johnson

Research Portfolio

Teaching Portfolio

Nutrition Counseling Portfolio

Professional Goal Statement

Short-Term Goals:

  • To acquire a Master's degree in Dietetics and complete a dietetic internship
  • To further my education in sports nutrition through coursework and job experience during my graduate studies
  • To strengthen my weaknesses as they apply to new tasks
  • Long-Term Goals:
  • To obtain RD credentials within the next three years
  • To achieve a position as dietetics professional in a clinical setting
  • To reach dietetic position such as dietetic director of a program, working with athletes and sports medicine

Work experience

Dietetic Aid

Coral Bay Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center
  • Prepared meals and snacks for patients according to diet regimen
  • Reviewed diet prescription for patients according to health, physical ability, and diet restriction
  • Shadowed the head dietitian as she visited patients and consulted with them
May 2012Present

Member Services Representative/Nutritionist

  • Promoted health and well-being to both members and non-members
  • Provided customer service
  • Counseled and motivated participants of the YMCA’s Biggest Loser program about eating habits
  • Guided children of the YMCA’s Summer Camp to improve healthy eating behaviors
Sep 2010Present

Student Worker

Center for Health and Well-Being
  • Organized and recorded patients files
  • Packaged medical tools and medications


Sep 2009Present

Bachelors Degree

Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • GPA: 3.63
  • Deans List: 5/6 semesters


Attention to Detail
Beginning at the commencement of my high school career and throughout my college studies, attention to detail has always been one of my top attributes when contributing to projects, papers, and presentations.  I always read between the lines, pay close attention to directions, and seem to go beyond the line of expectation to ensure I am providing complete information for the project on which I am working whether it be homework, studying for an exam, or on the job.  I am one of the first to point out a mistake being made or to suggest a different method of approaching a situation that may be more time managable, cost-efficient, or easier to understand.  Refer to my Research Portfolio and Nutrition Counseling Portfolio.
I have always been a creative thinker, however I was not given the chance to apply this skill nutritionally until my employment at the YMCA where I created different approaches to motivate and educate weight-loss program clients and camp kids to enhance their lifestyle and eating habits.  This included creating projects, lesson plans, and motivational tools for participants of different educational, physical well-being, and goal-oriented statuses.  I also utilized this skill when separately preparing a nutritional lesson plan for both a girls basketball team and a group of young children.  Each group required different information being presented, alterations in presentation styles, and adjustments in nutritional activies and take-home paperwork.  Refer to my Teaching Portfolio and work history.
Throughout my high school career in both sports and club activities, my development of teamwork began to progress.  As I entered college, teamwork became even more vital as I was active in SAND.  This teamwork included being interactive with co-chairs to plan and coordinate activites for SAND members.  This teamwork also presented itself in jobs I acquired such as the YMCA I worked hand-in-hand with personal trainers to help motivate and encourage healthy lifestyles to weight-loss program participants and summer camp kids.  Teamwork was also imperative while working at the rehabilitation center as a dietetic aide to ensure the satisfaction and comfortability of patients.  This teamwork took place between the dietetic aides, registered dietitians, and registered nurse to make certain that the patients were receiving the correct nutritional support.  Refer to my volunteer and membership acitivities.
Communication skills are essential with my committee chair position in SAND, by communicating with my co-chairs as well as with the association as whole, keeping them up-to-date on upcoming events and information and doing so in a timely manner so that the association is a success.  Group work, study groups, and presentations in class also requires much communication to complete assignments with efficiency and promptly.  Jobs that I have held demand much communication.  Positions I was in, such as being a dietetic aide, involved clear and precise communication with the clients and head dietitian.  Also being a nutritionist for both adults and children at the YMCA required me to communicate with participants at their individual, educational level and in a way that they clearly understood the material being presented.  Refer to the Teaching Portfolio for examples of communication for my lesson plan coursework.

Volunteer, Leadership, and Membe