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To obtain a position in food animal management, research, or at a veterinary hospital to apply my knowledge of animal science and promote an education in veterinary medicine.


Aug 2011Present

Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Will be attending Fall 2011
  • Expected Graduation: 2015
Aug 2008Dec 2011

Bachelor of Science

Michigan State University
  • GPA: 4.0
  • Dean's List
  • Honors College


Pre-Veterinary Medical Association

• Attended American Pre-Veterinary Medical Association’s Symposium at Purdue

• Practiced and observed suturing and cattle restraint techniques

• Learned about laboratory animal enrichment, equine neurology, and feline urinary tract disease research

• Volunteered at Cat Tail Farms cleaning cat houses and caring for the FIV+ and feline leukemia cats

• Washed Dogs and designed posters to fundraise for the Pre-Veterinary Medical Association


Little International

• Handled and worked an ewe and a beef heifer in five days for novice showmanship

• Washed, curry combed, carded, and trimmed ewe for show

• Learned about showmanship and proper handling of sheep


Capitol Area Humane Society

• Walk dogs at the shelter and provide training and care

• Socialize and play with the cats


Work experience

Aug 2010Present

Undergraduate Learning Assistant

Michigan State University Lyman Briggs College

• Instructed students with Dr. Charles Elzinga in the Honors Organismal Biology Laboratory

• Monitored laboratory conduct and provided leadership on field trips

• Educated students on stream ecology, genetics, and biological research and writing

• Improved and established student notebook recording techniques and graded quizzes and notebooks

• Held three hour open labs each week to supervise students working on projects and hold review sessions

Jan 2011May 2011

Lecture Assistant

Michigan State University
  • Aid Dr. Charles Elzinga in Biological Science: Organisms and Populations
  • Hold office hours and answer student questions on lecture material
  • Grade homework assignments and exams
  • Proctor exams
Apr 2007Aug 2010

Veterinary Assistant

Chelsea Animal Hospital

• Provided animal care and assisted in animal examination and surgery

• Discussed treatment plans and management of pet health with clients

• Administered drugs and vaccinations and filled prescriptions

• Performed fecal analyses, urinalyses, blood tests, and took radiographs

• Created new medical treatment authorization forms

May 2010Aug 2010


Countryside Veterinary Service

• Observed one to eight week old calves and identified sick or injured calves, took temperatures,   practiced catching and restraining, discussed medication and treatment protocols, and gave injections with Dr.   Judd Videto

• Listened to the discussions between the veterinarian and the clients about protocol improvements to benefit   calf health.

• Observed and discussed bovine and equine vaccinations, foaling, floating teeth, dehorning kids (baby goats),   palpating cows and mares, and dairy management with Dr. Greg Crosley

• Involved with horse and cattle restraint

• Observed and aided in gathering required materials for surgery on cattle with displaced abomasums and   practiced suturing after surgery

• Loaded semen guns to perform artificial insemination on cows