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McCreary Homes, Inc.




University of Arizona

LJ McCreary Discusses the South


For 22 years, LJ McCreary has built custom luxury homes through McCreary Homes, Inc., his own Tucson, Arizona-based company that prioritizes close interaction with customers for the duration of the building process, from the drafting of the blueprints to move-in day. Through meticulous communication, McCreary ensures his customers feel confident about their decision to buy a customized dream home, often the most financially stressful decision of a lifetime. He understands the anxiety his clients feel, so he actively looks to exceed their expectations. Through customer-centered business practices, LJ McCreary aims to change the public's perception of the custom home-building profession, which he believes people see as wrought with complications and paperwork.After LJ McCreary obtained his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the University of Arizona, he left the state for a while to pursue opportunity where it was ripe. Between 1984 and 1986, McCreary oversaw the installation of infrastructure, roads, and utilities for a 110-acre multi-use development project in Pottsboro, Texas. As acting Vice President of Catalyst Development Company, LJ McCreary led not only the actual construction, but also the marketing aspects of the project. He engineered a customer-friendly subdivision layout and ensured the development found promising tenants.LJ McCreary then returned to Tucson to spend two years running his own woodworking shop, Out of the Woodwork, selling handmade mesquite furniture tailored to the needs of his patrons-ranging from locals interested in quality furniture to small businesses looking to add a touch of style to their facilities. Then, in October of 1988, he founded McCreary Homes, Inc., combining his experience in carpentry with his knowledge of land development to custom-make luxury homes.

LJ McCreary: Use a Team Approach when Building a Custom Luxury Home

Individuals preparing to invest in a custom luxury home generally have strong ideas about what they want and how to structure the design and building process. However, approaching a custom home the same way one would approach any other large-scale project – using a step-by-step method – is not always the best way, and can lead to an overpriced project that does not meet the vision of the client. This is due to the fact that specialists such as architects and builders are focused on their particular job, rather than the entire project, resulting in a common problem: a fantastic architectural design that is way over cost. A team-based approach looks at the entire project holistically, and takes into account all aspects of budgeting and potentially problematic issues that may arise. The project team should include an architect, a builder, an interior designer, and even a landscape designer to ensure the house has “curb appeal.”About the Author:

LJ McCreary heads McCreary Homes, Inc., a full-service custom homebuilding service located in Tucson, Arizona. Mr. McCreary brings 28 years of building and carpentry experience to his current business, and is a member of the National Association of Home Builders.