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Work experience


Entrepreneur / Consultant



Bank of America(NY)

Contemporaneous Pricing Technologies (NY)

Data Foundation KK (Tokyo, Japan)

Directiques LLC (NY)

Pegasus Venture Management LLC(VA)

Adsertion Technologies LLC (TX)

Data Foundation, Inc (MD)

Storage Computer Corporation (NH)

Market Mobility (NY)


Ant Leap Search LLC (Dec 2004 original name Axioma Search/ 2010 name change to Ant Leap Search)

SANcastle Storage Inc. (Dec 2009 acquires assests of Data Foundation Inc, & Data Foundation Japan)


§Patent Searches, research

§IP claim charts

§Patent litigation technical support cases in Dallas & London

§Project Management and Project Management Office establishment

§Product Development management and Technical Development management

§Patent Application preparation; patent licensing negotiations

§Business Plan preparation & writing

§Marketing, and Sales Plans

§ Operational Management

§ Executive Management

Jul 2000Mar 2004


Data Foundation Inc.

Served as an external consultant responding, as required, intermittant assignments involving Intellectual Property, & strategic planning, company vision, and product positioning,Such assignments during the period 7/200 to 7/2001.

With the surprise simultaneous departure of the two founders in June, 2001, I ramped up my consulting engagement in July, 2001 to serve as acting COO until March, 2004. Assumed responsibility for and managed existing development facilities in MD and Moscow. Worked with the development team to re-position the product to a much broader base. Initiated and conducted an Intellectual Property audit, to insure integrity of the product. Managed development trought the successful completion of the product. Delivered product to a demonstrable and Beta ready state. Secured first PO for the product.

The sponsoring Venture company, Pegasus Venture Management, provided financial support.In April 2003, Pegasus also engaged me to research and prepare a business plan for another of their investments, Asertion Technology.

Sep 1992Apr 2000

VP of R&D; VP Technical Services; VP Technology

Storage Computer Corporation

One of four cofounders

Vice President of Technology(Caldwell NJ)April 1999 - April 2000

Responsible for developing sales support from a more technical direction, focusing on pre-sales presentations, streamlining salespeople activity, increasing focus on sales from technical directions.Responsible for coordinating an IP campaign to harvest the value of the firms patents.

Vice President of Technical Services(Nashua NH)October 1997 - April 1999

Responsible for managing and delivering all technical aspects of the company exclusive of R&D.This included help desk, technical publications, field support, installation support, pre-sales support, internal systems.

Vice President of R & D (Nashua NH)April 1994 - October 1997

Responsible for managing and staffing the Research and Development department.This included hardware as well as software development products.Developed second generation of the product, instituted software development controls, hardware development approach.

Vice President of Technical Services(Nashua NH)September 1992- April 1994

Responsible for organizing, managing and delivering all technical aspects of the company exclusive of R&D.This included help desk, technical publications, field support, installation support, pre-sales support, internal systems.

Apr 1987Sep 1992


MetaVenture Inc. - (Independent Consulting Practice)



American Stock Exchange

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce


Covidea(Joint Venture of ATT & Chemical Bank)

Cresvale International

Scotia McLeod (McLeod Young Weir)

Telerate Systems Inc.

The Travelers Insurance


Decision Strategies (Investigation Agency-New York, NY)

Lankler,Siffert & Whol (Law Firm - New York, NY)

Larry Stuart Ltd (Shoe Manufacturer-New York, NY)

The Idea Lab (Consulting Firm-New York, NY)

Mindware Inc. (Software Distributor-Santa Cruz, CA)

Opatow Associates (Market Research Firm-New York, NY)

Cab-Tek(akaStorage Computer Corp. (Storage Subsystem -Nashua, NH)*)

* As my consulting effort with Cab-Tek on the storage product continued to increase over time, we spun Storage Computer Corporation off as a separate company, and I relocated to NH.

Feb 1983Apr 1987

General Partner - Cofounder


Consulting, Project & Product Mgnt, Product Development, Acct Mgnt, Technical Development, Product Documentation, Marketing, & Sales.Company grew from 2 to 13 people.

Sep 1979Feb 1983

Department Manager

Transaction Technology Inc./ Citicorp

Department Manager Sept. 1982 - Feb. 1983

Responsible for all technical aspects as well as product development aspects of the Citibank Development Center Lab.Managed Design, Implementation, & Support Groups

Group ManagerNov. 1981 - Sept. 1982

Responsible for development of an in-house fast prototype system.

Senior Project ManagerJuly 1980 -Nov. 1981

Responsible for designing a system, using Intel Single Board Computers, to drive application prototypes on prototype terminals.

Project Manager Sept. 1979 - July 1980

Responsible for design & assembly of 6 prototype terminals for marketing research testing.

Jul 1974Sep 1979

Project Manager

National Security Agency

Project ManagerSept. 1976 - Sept. 1979

Managed a $3,000,000 R & D project.Responsible for design, development, production, and testing of 65 models of an electronic communication device containing 3 custom LSI chips.Worked extensively with defense contractor.

Assistant Project EngineerJuly 1974 - Sept. 1976

Insured adequacy of electronic circuit & logic designs.Programmed computer simulations of Digital Logic Designs for custom LSI circuits & systems..

Issued Patents

Authored Whitepapers

Authored Business Plans

Authored Patent Applications

Authored Product Prototype


George Washington University  -  School of Engineering and Applied Science

National Advisory Board member - period of tenure: (1999-present)

Patents, Publications, Presentations

  • Patent 5,893,919 Apparatus and method for storing data with selectable data protection using mirroring and selectable parity inhibition(granted 4/99 filed9/96)
  • Patent 7,617,193 Interactive user controlled relevance ranking retrieved information in an information search system.
  • 10 other patent applications pending in the areas of storage technology, search technology, electronic commerce, business methods
  • New Trends in High Performance Computing, SUNY HPCU '99Presented paper , “Role of The Mathematical Interface in a Decentralized, Parallel Architecture, Computer Design: A High Performance RAID”
  • Computer Technology Review, Summer/Fall 1995 , “A Non-Volatile RAID For Open Systems”
  • Computer Technology Review, Winter 1991, “RAID 7 Architecture Features Asynchronous Data Transfers”

Recent Ventures

SANcastle Storage Inc.– a storage technology company delivering the highest performance per dollar cost through design innovation.  SANcastle increases ROI thru dramatic boosts in storage performance as well as through an innovative storage management design approach.

Ant Leap Search LLC – delivers collaborative search platforms which generate substantial ROI from corporate non-structured documents and data searches.The platform helps searchers by making re-using and sharing of search work possible. It also includes dynamic context search capabilities – allowing users to apply their context to search results in real time.


On Management

Views on how to manage vary.Some submit exceedingly high goals followed by feverish monitoring; some use the ‘fire and forget’ approach coupled with almost accidental follow-up; and some focus their skills on managing one or two projects of their portfolio, seeming to leave the rest to providence or chance.What works for me, is to establish very clear goals and constraints, making sure those involved understand why these goals are important for both the organization as well as themselves.Understand, monitor, reward (+ -).  Intervene only if necessary.Management, deftly practiced or not, is not leadership.My experience is that applying leadership together with good management practice amplifies results.

On People

People are the medium through which things are accomplished.Understand those involved: what drives them? What motivates them? What are their aspirations?These are the keys.

On My Personal Contribution

In the workplace people tend to value me saying I am very smart; I disagree.Over the years I have come to appreciate that the combination of a slightly above average IQ, a healthy amount of creativity, combined with a drive to accomplish, make one almost unstoppable.This describes me accurately, I believe, and it has been a strong component of my hiring criteria.Usually after being engaged or hired, my assignments quickly increase in different areas and complexity.


Experienced managerial and start-up professional with a demonstrated record of building technology companies. Operational management experience, extensive experience in intellectual property, multiple market product development & lifecycle development experience.Team focused executive.

Positions:  COO, VP, Officer, External Consultant, Entrepreneur-Founder

Disciplines: Product Development, Intellectual Property, Technical Services, Project Mgnt, PMO

Industries: Data Storage, Search, Banking, Trading, Intelligence Community, Market Research

Education: BA Math; BSEE; MEA (Masters Engineering Admin)


Legal CLU credit(Dallas, TX)

Advanced Negotiation and Mediation Skills Training –2002

George Washington University

Masters Engineering Administration (MEA) – 1978

Pennsylvania State University

Bachelor of Science Electronic Engineering(BSEE) – 1974 

Saint Vincent College

Bachelor of Arts Mathematics(BA) – 1974