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Elisabetta Tosi

Journalist & Consultant

Work experience

Jan 2017Present


Wine Business International

I cover news from Italian wine world


Travelling, food, wine, new electronic devices, exhibitions, handicrafts, the world of web, technology, music




Liceo Classico Agli Angeli

High School. Strong classical studies. School leaving exam: maximum grade

Nov 1981Nov 1987

laurea in Filosofia

Università degli Studi di Padova

Philosophy and History. I've been studying Chinese,Indian and Japanese philosophy for a while. 

Operative Systems


Usually I work with a Mac, an iPad, an old iPod and a iPhone, so I’m pretty  familiar with their OS

Microsoft Office

Sometimes I have to use a Microsoft computer



This is my most important skill. I can write about everything (or almost), and in any form, from the scholastic paper to the essay, from the book to a presentation. Long or short form.


Advertising mainly. For every kind of stuff, from wine bottles labels to brochure for marble industry

Web writing

I love writing for the web. My fav is the content curation, I can make it in different ways


I also have an experience as a teacher, so editing and proofreading in Italian language are not a problem

English language

I do my best for writing and editing in a different language...


On demand, I hold lessons and courses about web writing and new technologies reserved to a professional/business target

Social Media monitoring

This is a consultancy I can offer to business

Sensorial analysis judge

I attended a special course of Sensorial Analysis hosted by Unione Italiana Vini. Sometimes I'm asked to judge wines in enological competitions


This is my first ebook written along with my biz partner. It has been designed to be read on a mobile device as an iPad from the very beginning, that was a revolution, for a book reserved to a tourists audience, above all in Italy.

Currently, we are looking for a foreign editor.


Born in Verona, IT, I'm an italian freelance journalist currently experienced in wine (mainly) writing. In the past, I worked with cooperatives of dubbing, with agency of avertising, editors, national radio, TV, national press.

I published many books about different subjects, from african modern music to local history.

I live with my family in a famous area of wine production in Veneto, and write about Italian wines.

I have an enormous curiosity about new technologies and the web world: I am always updated about everything Apple does! I am even a trainer for social media communication and marketing, social media monitoring, web content, etc.

Currently, I'm a columnist for Palate - the online wine magazine, and a contributor to Wine Business International bi-monthly magazine

I work with a biz partner, Giampiero Nadali, in the brand of consultancy Fermenti Digitali (

Finally, I run a blog (in Italian language):


Music, travel, tourism, wine, reading, new technologies, new media

Other Books

Over the year, I wrote many different books, about African modern music, Italian regional wines, biography, local history... The list is long

May I help you? 

If you are looking for an enthusiast iPad user, consultant in communication, hire me.

If you are looking for a creative copywriter who loves the Art, the Music and the Science, hire me.

If you are a publisher looking for a collaborator/editor/proofreader, hire me.

Last:, if you simply looking for someone who fills a room sitting at this desk all the day long, forget me.

I love the remote working, although sometimes I might make a leap in the office


I hereby authorize the use of my personal data in compliance with the Italian law n.675/96