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I always have interest in English because when I was a kid, I saw my father was talking with his foreign coworkers in English, and I want to do that too someday. As for now, my English is better than my father.   I learnt English autodidact from songs and movies. My schools had the lessons too, but what help me the most with the grammars is when I was teaching English for Elementary School.
Credit Risk, Loans, and Banking
I've learnt Credit Risk at my college. Now, my job in Bank as lending RM makes me need to more concern about the Credit Risk, as my product has no collateral asset. Which makes it even more risky, because if the banking client is deceiving us, we have nothing in hostage.   By working in Banking, doesn't mean I only learn my own product. I also learn every products in PermataBank. Not because I have to, but because I want to.
Accounting & Financing
I have the interest in anything mathematically, as accounting and financing is using mathematics course and logic, I took more interest in it. Since High School I have learnt accounting and have better grades than memorized lessons. Then I take Financial Management too to improve my skills. In my experiences, I have help people with my skills with teaching friends, making and coordinating financial statement for some of my friend's businesses, solving financial problems at my job, making financial solutions for banking clients, etc.
Microsoft Office
My skills in Microsoft Office programs are better than common people, but I dare not to say that I'm an expert. Late at schools, my computer teachers always love to teach me first because I can quickly understand what they intended to say, then teach it to my friends. It happened to when I'm still in college. At my offices, my coworkers and bosses are asking me for help in any kinds if Ms. Office programs.   The reason I dare not to say I'm an expert, because practically I'm excellent in these programs, but I don't really know the theories. I learn based on my experiences (autodidact).

Work experience

Nov 2012Present

Branch Relationship Manager


Being a Branch Relationship Manager (BRM) is not same like being a Relationship Manager (RM).

When you're a RM, your customers are your  banking clients.

As for BRM, my customers are not only banking clients, but also my coworkers at my choosed branch area.

Which means, I'm not only have to supply my banking clients needs, but also my coworkers needs and demands.

My branch area is Pluit. I have 8 branches in this area.

My product that I'm dealing in PermataBank is Business Installment Loan (BIL).

This product can lend you working capital loan until Rp,- without an collateral asset. This product can only be given to entrepreneur.

BIL is one of SME (Small Medium Enterprise) products.

We categorized our banking clients in 2 group: Winning Industries and Regular Industries, based on the opportunities in each areas. As for Jakarta, we have 26 Winning Industries.

Clients who categorized as Winning Industry will have more benefits.

Dec 2011Aug 2012

Finance Staff

Mulia Group Property

As a Finance Staff at Mulia Group Property, I was handling budget for twelve office buildings and a mall for five months, and then transferred to Asset Management with 2 assistants.  In budget, my responsibilities were taking care of purchase and service requests, checking the approvals, processing FAAR (Fixed Asset Appropriation Request), making reports, maintaining the budget, etc. The requests can be categorized as maintenance, capital expenditure for fixed assets, and back charges to tenant.

Asset Management is a new division in Mulia Group Property, and my role as a supervisor is making the new system which can be use at Hotel Mulia Bali, then to the other office buildings. Hotel Mulia Bali itself is still on construction. After the system confirmed, my responsibilities are documenting the fixed assets, collaborating the data for every item with the shipments and payments, making Barcodes, supervising the new staff and teaching her valuable knowledge, maintaining the asset report, etc. Assets itself has categorized as managerial and operational assets. 

Jan 2011Jun 2011

Part Time English Teacher

Yayasan Pelita Hati

As I was finishing my final thesis, I was teaching English for Kindergarden until Elementary school students near my university.

I was teaching them vocabularies, pronunciations, grammars, and conversations.


Jul 2007Jun 2011


Atma Jaya University of Catholic