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Work experience

Sep 2009Present

Assistant Director, Programming

Columbia University, Center for Career Education

● Propose, implement and evaluate a student staff program that provides support to full time staff and professional development to undergraduate students. ● Support the program and project proposal and evaluation process to maximize financial and human capital resources.● Develop first annual Study Abroad and International Opportunities Fair; manage employer relations, fair logistics and budget.● Maintain social media accounts to reach over 1600 students and alumni to promote programs and provide resources to undergraduate and graduate students and alumni.



Liz King Events

● Creatively design events for non-profits and VIP private clients for budgets of $35,000-200,000.

● Maintain social networks to brand the organization and form relationships with current and potential clients. 

● Create and maintain a blog on social media, personal branding and events with a readership of 300 in less than three months. 

● Provide monthly blog content for an events magazine in the UK and a event supplier in CA. 

● Speak at conferences and seminars for non-profit networking group, Columbia University and national conferences. Topics include "Job Searching Using Social Media", "How to Generate Business in <140>

Jul 2008Sep 2009

Program Coordinator

Columbia University Center for Career Education

● Coordinate administrative/logistical details and collaborate with University departments on large-scale events of 200-2500 participants with budgets of $6,000-40,000+. ● Conceptualize and implement inaugural program “Average Joe to Polished Pro,” a professional attire fashion show attended by approximately 100 undergraduates, working closely with student council and other student leaders on campus to foster relationships and create buy-in for event.

● Increased student participation at large scale events from 48%-148% in the '08-'09 AY.● Research and propose new event ideas targeting under-exposed industries and/or industries of great interest to University constituents (e.g., fashion show/business etiquette dinner).● Organize marketing for eight internship programs; manage interview applications, interview schedules.● Defined and consolidated business practices for the Career Resource Center for the launch of Client Relationship Management (CRM) system. Partnered with consultants on development, implementation and testing of software. Trained staff of 35 on use.

● Collaborated with six departments in the formation of the strategic priorities for the Center for Career Education for 2009-2012.

Jul 2007Jul 2008

Career Resource Coordinator

● Proposed counseling policies, all of which have been approved and implemented Center-wide. ● Supported counseling staff of 14 with operational and client management, conference room scheduling and event materials in FY 07-08 serving over 2,300 students and alumni. ● Collaborated with six different departments at CCE to publish a weekly electronic newsletter for the undergraduate population.
Mar 2007Jul 2007

Administrative Assistant

Redeemer Counseling Center

● Hired to implement a 12-step recovery program. Remained at position until project was complete and group was self-sustaining.● Supported counseling staff of 10 with operational and client information management. ● Oversaw daily operations of 12-step recovery program, Celebrate Recovery, for 30 recovering addicts. Organized volunteer leaders and overall operations for weekly meetings (e.g., coordinating music, space, food, publications).● Organized logistics of first quarterly retreat (e.g., location booking, registration, retreat materials).

Dec 2005Jun 2007


Perfect Endings Bakery
● Co-founded the Bakery, in time for grand-opening in holiday season and coordinated the set up, marketing and logistics of “Grand Opening” event. ● Displayed excellent customer service skills, especially in high volume traffic, helping to increase the number of return customers. ● Managed finances on a daily basis. Responsible solely for all cash flow, register transactions, payments and deliveries. ● Worked with the owner of the bakery to track all expenditures and gains as well as to manage the $160,000 annual budget. ● Coordinated preparation, delivery, staffing and execution of in-house cooking classes, off-site catering and tastings, etc.
Jan 2002Jan 2006

Operations Coordinator

Metro Community Church
● Participated in long-term planning meetings to discuss budget, goals, organizational structure and overall direction of the church. ● Created annual contribution statements for all donors to the organization. ● Conceptualized two large-scale, annual events for approximately 250 participants. Organized all logistical, administrative and volunteer aspects of events. ● Planned weekly meetings, retreats, fundraising, outreach and social events.


Kyle Younger

Liz is an OUTSTANDING and dedicated colleague who has single-handedly made it easy for me to adjust in my role at CCE. If there was a such thing as a workplace superhero, Liz King would be the personification of it.

Katherine Jo

Liz is someone you absolutely want on your team. She has been an invaluable asset to all the projects I have had the privilege to work with her on and to our office in general. She is extremely organized, efficient, and professional. She approaches her work with intellgence and integrity, whether planning a large event or writing a marketing blurb. What I most appreciate about her is that no matter the task or project, whether she is the leader or a team member, she puts sincere thought into how to best meet the team's objectives or improve upon previous efforts. She is someone who comes up with new and fresh ideas no matter what team she is a part of. Moreover, when Liz takes responsibility for a project or task, I trust completely that it will be done superbly.

Chad Miller

Liz's dedication to preparing Columbians for their future careers is contagious. Her successful Media Networking Night annual event and her Lunches with the Center for Career Education provide valuable opportunities for students to explore career callings and connects these students to a supportive network that can help mentor the process of life after graduation. Liz is also not content to keep to the status quo. She is forward-thinking and uses every event as an opportunity to think toward the next five. Her commitment to long-term planning is also a skill she shares with students at her event - whether preparing them for career next steps or post-graduate opportunities. She is my go-to person when students need questions answered re: internships or jobs for Columbians

Patrick Richards

Liz is an excellent multi-tasker capable of managing myriad projects simultaneously. Her cheerful demeanor and excellent work ethic have earned her much respect around the office. In addition to managing projects and an intense workload, she plans and organizes numerous events of all sizes. She's also quite techie and manages the Center's facebook and twitter accounts. It has been a pleasure working with her in a variety of capacities.

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