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Spotlight on Qualifications

§10 years experience telling stories with flare and providing creative and entertaining media.

§Expert artist using AVID Media Composer Adrenaline HD, Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Photoshop.

§Self-directed, detail oriented and a problem solver with a desire to contribute to a uniquely creative environment.

§Excellent communication and organizational skills, with the ability to cultivate a harmonious and cohesive team, and inspire the cooperation and confidence of others.

§Creative, adaptable, receptive and open to change.

Work experience


Video Editor - Freelance

Ironworks Productions

  -Cut down an NBC show that covered a 2009 Ironman World Event.

-Edited, laid audio, and colour corrected new footage of Canadian athletes to merge seamlessly to original master for a shorter piece to air in Canada.

-Edited on AVID Nitris DX.


Video Editor


-Artistically edited for eTalk, e2, SexTV series and MuchMoreMusic.

-Worked with the Producers, contributing ideas and ensuring each show was delivered on deadline.

-Ensured all stories and programs included design elements and met style guidelines with consistency and accuracy.

-Used AVID Adrenaline, After Effects, Boris effects, Sapphire effects, and AVID Interplay.




-Produced, filmed and edited a 23 minute tribute DVD.

-Conducted interviews in 3 locations and added animated photographs.

-Shot on a Sony Handicam, utilized Photoshop and edited on Final Cut Pro.


Video Editor


-Edited “Structures” series from beginning offline assembly to final product.

-Winner of 2005 Galaxy Award for Info. Program.

-Created weekly promos.

-Edited on AVID Adrenaline HD and used After Effects and Photoshop.


Eng/Production Editor


-Quickly and creatively edited breaking news stories and show headlines.

-Made fast editorial decisions.

-Assisted with ideas in News Writing.

-Edited on AVID Newscutter, Media Composer, Sony linear system and Grass Valley.


Television Broadcasting

Loyalist College



Data Management Technician Seminar Diploma

Sim Video

Attended a seminar on how to manage data for on-set digital filmmaking. The position of Data Management Technician deals with the multiple backing up of data as the film is being recorded on location. The Seminar included DMT Training for the RedONE Camera footage, HD Camera footage and HD Camera footage. 

I am now certified as a DMT and can be contacted through [email protected] for rates of service.


RedONE Camera Bootcamp

RedONE User Group

Attended a weekend workshop on the RedONE camera and it's editing workflows. Followed up by a one day workshop at Creative Post on how to best use the FCP workflow.


Final Cut Pro Course

DV Pro Shop

Attended a weekend workshop to learn Final Cut Pro. Have been working with Final Cut Pro on short film projects through Toronto Short Film Project and Toronto Filmmakers Club.


After Effects
Experienced using After Effects to animate objects and text.
Experienced touching up photos and creating graphics.
Final Cut Pro
Growing experience on Final Cut Pro and it's applicable applications such as Color and Motion.
Experienced in AVID from Newscutter through to Nitris DX.