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Work experience


Senior Project Marketing Manager

Global Image Management Ltd

Objectives: Development of the brand image of Holcim for the point of sales from the former brand Apasco (Regionalization & adaptation of the brand in the Mexican market). Construction & follow up of the P&L of the project. Communication & execution of the new brand image for the POS.

Results: I communicate & assure de brand image of Holcim for the 1460 POS accordingly with clients’ specifications. I assure the regionalization of the brand in Mexico. I create the communication brochure for the Mexican POS in coordination with the graphic design department and the Swiss client.


Marketing Manager

Industrias Químicas MVR

Objectives: Development of the penetration strategies into new sales chains. Construction of the strategic business plan. Development and improvement of the relationships with suppliers, looking at new prospects and gaining new clients.

Results: I increased the sales in 9% and actively participate on the answer of 25 bids for the Mexican government.


International Marketing Product Manager (Aimargues France, Spain, Mexico)

Royal Canin

Objectives: Creation and development of communications and e-marketing tools, focused on the marketing teams, and the comprehension of the production teams. Construction of the communicational brand plan for the breeders market.

Results: I increased the sales on the french breeders market in 10%. I reunited 7 veterinarians for the publication of the book: Le Guide Pratique de l'Elevage Canin. I constructed 7 types of communicational tools surrounding launching products.

  • 2008 to 2009 – Trade marketing manager - MARS - ROYAL CANIN – Mexico City Objectives: Definition & execution of the strategic marketing Mexican plan. Construction of the annual marketing plan for North America. Development of the roll out, and price strategy of Mexico by channel, product and SKU. Events organization for the veterinarians and the opinion leaders.  Results: I contribute to the increase in sales in 18% and the increase of 8% of the market share in the Mexican market.
  • 2007 to 2008 - Marketing international Assistant- MARS - ROYAL CANIN – Aimargues (France) & Barcelone / Madrid (Spain). Objectives: Integration of the Royal Canin proccess. Support on the international marketing plan creation of the company in that year. Creation of a promotion with respect on the rules of a well-known brand for a product launching in Spain.   Results: I increase the ROI of the promotion of a new product in Spain by 7%.

Channel Marketing Jr. Manager (On-premise)


Objectives: Support to the marketing team, IT and sales at the increase of sales efforts. Construction and publication of the budget information and the P&L of the promotions to the finance department.  

Results: I participate of the cost reduction of the management of sales promotions department at 6%.


Market Research Coordinator


Objectives:  Creation, design & coordination of Quantitative and Qualitative studies for strategic insights (Deep consumer, competitor and market understanding) for decisions making. Use of geomarketing for opportunities identification. Construction of marketing strategies in-store for some products sold at the retail stores.  Results:  Support to the brand repositioning and new products portfolio for Vip’s restaurants. Development of communication concepts in advertising for Bodega Aurrera (supermarket retail stores). I conducted more than 30 market research studies.


Promotions and remote sales Jr manager


Objectives:  Creation and development of corporate strategies of direct marketing for the small companies sector. Development of 3 CRM and the pilot of a new product called Infinitum.  Results:  I increase the revenue of the campaign at 200%. Changing the CRM, the number of sales increase at 300% of direct sales,   as well the number of calls increased.




Grenoble Ecole de Management
MBA with Global Management specialization


Alianza Francesa

Bachelor of Business Administration

Tecnológico de Monterrey

Marketing specialization


Project Management
Product Management
Market Opportunity Analysis
Customer Intelligence
Competitive Intelligence
Market Research
Channel Marketing