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Superintend several large-scale activities of marketing and cooperating, possess the experiences of project management and team management. Also have the excellent organization and coordination ability;                                                                                                                                                             

With a mature thinking pattern and like to take independent direct actions. A good communicator with down to earth spirit. With the artistic creation background, able to adept multi industry environment and position change.   

Great English speaking and writing skills, to work in a pure English environment would not be a problem.   

Sales position experienced. Good of handling high-pressure in any work related situation.

Work experience

Sep 2014Mar 2015


Pearson Group(UK)

Introduce WallStreetEnglish courses to potential customers.

Work as a team to achieve personal sales targets.

Build strong relationships with colleagues and students to reach both sales and service objectives set by the Center Director.

Attend sales trainings and execute sales presentations in order to design suitable courses for potential customers and achieve individual targets timely.

Complete Consultant's student follow-up database to ensure learning objectives are reached.

Analyze individual performance on time and build-up prospect, corporate clients.

Attend regular meetings and sales trainings and ensure individual completion of Daily Sales Reports.

Sep 2012Mar 2013

Art assistant

Grandfather Art(Beijing, China) 

As the Superintendent, I was responsible to plan the formal banquet of "I LOVE AIJING SOLO EXHIBITION" and to invite and liaising our TOP VIP Guests. Beyond that, the job requires to Coordinate the banquet in field and to response quickly when it came emergency. To make sure the banquet would be held properly, cooperate with the host, the CHINA NATIONAL MUSEUM and the Co-Host, CHRISTIE'S is executed.                                                                                                              

Personally in charged of the advertisement design and execution of the exhibition. At the meanwhile, to control all the news release and to supervised the web media advertisement is in ordered.  Also I have been pointed as the Superintendent and liaison of a cooperation program with ARTRON.NET, specific at the online 3D exhibition matter.                                                                                                            

The exhibition album was planed to be published. And I was the Superintendent of the editing work, Designing work, publishing work and also the promotion matter.                  


Sep 2010Jun 2014


Peking Univ

Software Engineering Profession

Sep 2006Jun 2010


Sichuan Conservatory of Music

Recording Art and Composing Art

Past working experiences

Tutor of <Computer Music>, <Interactive Music Creation>  Peking Univ. (2011.03-2012.02)                                                             Class management; organize multiple activities of class; to associate professor of his tutor; Equipment maintenance; Tutoring; Curriculum closure summary.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Liaison - Peking University employ recruitment conference (2011.03-2011.04)                                                                          Responsible to liaison the Senior Vice President of Campus Recruitment, APAC Microsoft and its PR manager; To help the communication go well between PKU students and the employer.


Beijing Modern Music Festival Multi Media interactive installation Planning executor (2012.04)                                                     To participate the making of Multi Media interactive installation work <Subtle - Billows> which was create by Musician PingJin, the Head of the composing Dept. State University of New York, Professor of Electronic Music Center, Central Perform the interactive installation work <Salvage> of Nicolas Collins the American Electronic Music Composer in the American Electronic Music Piece Concert of BEIJING MUSICACOUSTICA 2011.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Software Start up program <Magic Ringtone> (2011-2012)                                                                                                 Core Design Development; Develop the core sound system                                                                                                               

Results: The 3rd place of ASEAN International Entrepreneurship Competition for College Students. The 2nd place of Trilogy Start Up Competition. And also achieved the first round of venture capital from Trilogy VC.