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Work experience

Jan 2008Aug 2008

Assistant Manager

Jianhui Foundry Materials Co.,Ltd

Responsibilities for the position:

1. Researched and analyzed import and export policies, economics, taxation, and demands of  foundry materials by manufacturers in order to reasonably estimate the price fluctuation of foundry materials, such as copper, zinc, and aluminium.

2. Assisted in managerial accounting, such as Cost-Volume-Profit analysis and monthly budgeting.

3. Assitsed in generating and reviewing income statements for tax purposes.

4. Preparing checks for inventory acquisition and operating expenses, bank reconciliation,  custody of remittance advice

Jan 2007Jul 2007

Brand Communication Intern

Guangdong Advertising Co.,Ltd

Responsibilities for the position:

1. Researched and analyzed the core competence, differentiation strategies, and market positioning of clients' competitors.

2. Assisted in the consultancy of clients' branding strategies, such as brand connotation, trademark designs, public relationship activities, and sponsorship activities.

3. Engaged in the implementation and assessment of clients' brand strategies, such as field work of advertising, public activities, and sponsorship activities, and gather consumers' feedback from questionaire surveys.


Mar 2009Mar 2011


Southern New Hampshire University
  • GPA: 3.67 out of 4.00
  • Prerequisites: English Grammar/Writting Skills & Research Papers/Presentation in English
  • 60 credit hours in total
  • Program Highlights:
  1.  Cover all contents in the CPA Exam: Financial Reporting/Auditing/Taxation/Managerial Accounting
  2.  IT implementation in Accounting field work
  3.  Research of IFRS, AICPA Code, and Tax Code
  4.  International and Multicultural Communication


    Yaoqiang Li is able to work for any company in the U.S, with his Optional Practical Training. The OPT is between 05/23/2011 to 05/22/2012.

    Currently, money is not a primary consideration for him. He concerns more about his enthusiasm toward the job opportunity. Clients', teammates', and leaders' satisfication, achievement in the position are what he focus on. In addition, the function and responsibilities are the most important elements he considering.

    He tends to build up a long-term relationship with his potential employers, and he realize that he should proof his value to the company before requesting a H1-B visa sponsorship.


  • To obtain an auditor position in public accounting firms, public held companies, or private companies
  • To obtain an financial reporting related position in public accounting firms, public held companies, or private companies.
  • To obtain an tax position in public accounting firms, public held companies, or private companies


    Yaoqiang Li is an international student who earned his M.S accounting on March, 2011. He passed two sections of CPA Exam, which is BEC and FAR, and he plans to accomplish AUD and REG before the year end of 2011.   

    Yaoqiang desires to work in public accounting services. He has been expecting to benefit his potential employers through utilizing the knowledge earned from his master program and preparation of the CPA Exam, and his professional experience. 

    He believes that the combination of text books, regulatory and accounting standard publication, and calculator does not make an accounting professional. Communication is very important. He is ready to become a valuable team member who can not only provide a high-quality contribution in a timely basis but also bring in valuable opinion and observation. 


  • Swimming
  • Vedio Games
  • Traveling
  • NBA Games
  • Movies
  • TV Shows


Research & Analytical Skills
First language: Cantonese. Experting in written and oral communication in Mandarin. Strong written and oral communication skills in English.