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LivHOME offers professional at-home care for seniors from highly trained, highly qualified, and credentialed experts. Based in Los Angeles, with locations throughout the country in large metropolitan markets as well as emerging and small markets such as Arlington, Virginia, and Skokie, Illinois, LivHOME is among the largest service providers for at-home care in the country, and employs top caregivers, geriatric professionals and management. Founded in 1999, the LivHOME mission came about from the experience of its chairman and CEO, Mike Nicholson. Involved in a debilitating accident as a young man, Nicholson personally saw both the positive and negative aspects of healthcare. Along with his business partner Steve Barlam, a recognized leader in geriatric care management with a strong reputation for high-quality care in the Los Angeles area, Nicholson began LivHOME in order to enable older adults to remain comfortable at their homes without the need to transition into long-term care facilities. Aware that its Care Managers play a critical role in client relationship, LivHOME strives to offer compensation that is above and beyond current competitive rates. LivHOME offers a range of services that help assess the needs of its clients, followed by at-home care planning and management that is result-oriented. Along with caregiving and care management, LivHOME provides care for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, companion programs, at-home long-term disability care, and long-distance home care. For more information on LivHOME, visit to contact a representative at the company’s corporate offices in Los Angeles or to find out more about a regional office. Along with general information on LivHOME and their professional services, the site contains stories and podcasts from LivHOME Care Managers based around the country, including a recent episode on grieving for a spouse presented by a Care Manager in Skokie, Illinois.

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