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A member-oriented online health community, Beyond Diet offers dietary solutions that focus on the role of the individual’s metabolism in providing tools for calorie counting and determining appropriate food-type ratios. Beyond Diet is part of Live Smart Solutions, an enterprise established by Jeff Siegel and Isabel De Los Rios in 2009. With advanced certification as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist and as a Holistic Nutrition Lifestyle Coach, Isabel De Los Rios has experience working with overweight individuals, people who have survived cancer, and populations living with type 2 diabetes and heart disease.A supportive network of friends is at the foundation of Beyond Diet’s arc of success, which has generated nearly 240,000 members. An Ask section on the website features nearly 9,000 questions, and member answers, on all aspects of diet and nutrition. Members also share healthy recipe ideas that have been “Isabel approved” as nutritious, delicious, and weight-conscious.The Beyond Diet program offers downloads that use advanced tools for determining diverse aspects of personal nutrition. Members use a glycemic index chart in making informed choices on low-sugar foods and employ metabolism identification tools in assessing best-bet food choices for their specific body types.Emphasizing the importance of educational resources, the Beyond Diet website at offers its community a number of articles. In “Coconut Oil and Fat Loss – Real or Hype?” Isabel De Los Rios explores a timely health topic: the claimed benefits of coconut oil consumption. Prevalent in Asian and South Pacific cultures, coconut oil is one of the rare “medium-chained” saturated fats that can benefit the body. In the article, Isabel De Los Rios notes that consuming coconut oil can lower the risk for heart disease. Reflecting the active nature of the Beyond Diet community, in the past several months the article has generated more than 90 responses from Beyond Diet members.

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