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Aug 2007Present


East Carolina University

Work experience

Jul 2010Present

Assistant Store Manager

Beat the Bookstore

This position has taught me the fundamentals of running a business and the process behind the elements that make a business work, from ordering supplies and merchandise to marketing the brand. This position has also trained me in sales, both face-to-face and via internet, as well as strengthening my customer service skills. 

Aug 2009Jan 2011


Americorps- Project Heart

This program allowed me to interact with youth in low-poor socio-economic situations. My duty was to tutor students in the high school classroom, as well as to serve as a mentor and conducting seminars about the "ins and outs" of university procedure and life. Along with serving as a tutor and mentor, this program also required me to be heavily involved in service around the Greenville community. 


To obtain a position as a member of a production and development team utilizing my formal education as well as my strengths in networking, interpersonal communication, and leadership.

Sample writing: Feature Story

Victory Junction prepares for another life changing summer.

As members of the community prepare for warm weather, family vacations and a shift in work schedules, many children are preparing for a week at Victory Junction Gang Camp in Randleman, North Carolina. The camp is designed with children in mind and supported by NASCAR celebrities like Jeff Gordan, Tony Stewart, Michael Waltrip as well as actress Andie McDowell. With state-of-the art everything, the $31 million dollar facility gears up for another life changing summer.

Victory Junction Gang Camp welcomes children with critical illnesses to come and live like they never have before. This summer’s schedule has recently been posted on the camp’s website. With each week being designated for a particular illness, campers are welcome, free of charge, to come and have the experience of a lifetime.

The camp is designed with all buildings in the form of a racetrack- making everything wheelchair accessible and easy to be involved in. When standing at the entrance, it is as if you are looking at a fantasy land. The buildings include, but are not limited to, a race-car shaped memorial building in honor of Adam Petty, camp founder’s deceased son, a fully stocked salon, a water-park with a special “warming hut” for the campers with sickle cell anemia, circus- themed barn with horses to ride, llamas, sheep, goats, and other farm animals that are eager to be played with, state of the art gymnasium, astro-dome, theater; and the list continues on. The most important building which allows campers to come to camp is the Body Shop, sponsored by Goody. This facility is fully staffed with doctors and nurses and has the capacity to deliver any medical procedure a child may need, from dialysis to chemo therapy.

“The main idea I had for this camp was to make it a place that children that were well wanted to come to,” says camp founder, Pattie Petty. She continues, “Victory Junction’s motto is ‘feel your heart race’ for a reason. We have volunteers, paid staff, and a solid mission to make sure that these children come and literally have the time of their lives.”

With every detail covered in the design and mission of the camp, how could lives not be changed? The children enter camp with no financial burden; there is no cost of attendance or any reason that the children will need money throughout the week. The only thing that they have to worry about is having fun.

Christin Atwater, a former Victory Junction employee said, “It is the greatest place on earth-seriously. Some of my favorite kids return each summer. The summer that they don’t return, or we hear that they passed away is heart-breaking. But there’s a special peace we have, for we know that that particular child’s life was made better by Victory Junction.”

It is easy to get involved with such a magical place, as many celebrities have done so. Visit to find out how you can make a difference!

Sample Attribution

Carly Fiorina, CEO of Hewlett Packard, delivered a powerful message in regards to the Islamic civilization in September of 2001. Fiorina said, “One of its languages became the universal language of much of the world, the bridge between the peoples of a hundred lands. And this civilization was driven more than anything, by invention. Its writers created thousands of stories: Stories of courage, romance and magic,” Fiorina continued, revealing her main idea, “While modern Western civilization shares many of these traits, the civilization I’m talking about was the Islamic world from the year 800 to 1600, which included the Ottoman Empire and the courts of Baghdad, Damascus and Cairo, and enlightened rulers like Suleiman the Magnificent.”

Sample Press Release (based on sample fact sheet)

Happy Baby Toy Co, manufacturer of toys for infants and toddlers, awards a $350,000.00 grant to local professor, Dr. Benjamin Spot.Dr. Spot’s research parallels with the company’s desire to continue research into early childhood development. Typically, the grants are awarded to clinical psychologists, thus being Dr. Spot is the company’s first sponsored professor.

Spot’s research will be driven by the response of infants to colors and designs. Spot plans to include his students in his psychology classes at the university. Using this team of researcher, plans for study include conducting research projects at local daycare centers and in private homes. There are two major benefits from the project; one being that students will be trained and earn hands on experience in their field and two being that Happy Baby Toy Co will have the opportunity to provide better baby toys for the tiny citizens in our society.

Happy Baby is pleased to present Dr. Spot with the award and the opportunities it provides the company to broaden their horizons. President of Happy Baby Toy Co, Carlo Geppetto, says “…we are equally pleased that students will be involved in this important research. With the help of Dr. Spot and his students, Happy Baby will continue to provide quality infant toys.”

The grant will be a yearlong award, effective on May 31st, 2011. Presentation ceremonies will be held at the home of Dr. Boom, Local University President at 3 p.m. on Sunday. 

Newscast Critique

I must say, that I chose to watch the lunchtime news, WRAL, in an effort to see what people were receiving during the lunch breaks. The news during this time was delivered at a RAPID pace; literally so fast I couldn’t write down the headlines and topics of each segment.These were, however, the local headlines in the 12 o’clock news hour:

1.Gas prices

2.Brad Cooper Murder trial updates

3.Looking for suspects involved in shooting

4.Duke Lacrosse stabbing

5.Mother charged with killing child in DUI drunk driving case

6.Fort Bragg: Illiterate soldiers fighting

7.$12,000 given to families in Japan for radiation

8.Luminary service for victims of earthquakes at NCstate’s campus

I must, not proudly, admit that this is the first instance in which I have actually tuned in to what the news has to say in their reports. With saying so, I was disappointed. The amount of local news in contrast with national news was sadly slim and delivered at a pace that was almost hard to receive the information. The news anchors sped through the stories that the local citizens in the community NEED to hear in order to be informed and aware of what is going on in their community. On the other hand, there were at least 30 second segments given to national news, stock markets, and weather.

In the grand scheme of things, It is hard for me to understand the technique behind the actual format of the delivery. As a community member, I expect to watch the news that informs me about what is going on in my area; what I should be aware of as far as crimes, current events, and so on are concerned.The local news should emphasize local happenings, not emphasize what the national news channels like CNN does.Pace, emphasis, and delivery should be considered when delivering the local news. If I want to see what is happening nationally then I will tune into FOX or CNN, not local news.

Skill-related Experience


·Planned membership recruitment fairs for Gamma Sigma Sigma, a national service organization, on campus at East Carolina University. Within a span of two semesters, 50 new members were recruited.

·Communicated and collaborating with service affiliations across the Greenville area in an effort to support affiliations as well as a liaison between campus organizations and those within the community.

·Serving as liaison between the national board of Gamma Sigma Sigmaand East Carolina University’s chapter, which required constant communication between the divisions of the organization, maintaining paperwork, standing rules, delegation of duties to members in the local chapter, as well as facilitating the National Evaluation Visits.

Public Relations

·Head of Gamma Sigma Sigma’s event and organization marketing, including flyers, virtual advertisements, and as t-shirt creation and distribution.

Event Planning

·Planned a fundraiser located in Greenville, North Carolina to raise money for the American Red Cross and efforts for relief in Haiti after earthquakes. Net total raised in five hours: $2,150.00

·Coordinated multiple ceremonies, honoring the members of Gamma Sigma Sigma. Ceremony planning included reserving a venue, decorating the venue appropriately, collaborating with caterers as well as staff on site the day of the ceremony, formally inviting members as well as coordinating the events that took place throughout the different days.

Information reflection and explanation- brief.

The ideal role or relationship between a reporter and a source is one that should be respectful versus being argumentative. A relationship established on trust rather than doubt or cynicism is important, not only to the story, but to the reputation of the source. The textbook refers to an attack dog reporter, and the negative effects that follow that person’s reputation as well as impact on their source and the story. 


Chancellor’s List, Dean’s List, Honor Roll- East Carolina University

Harriet Lynn Norris Scholarship Recipient

AmeriCorps Education Award Recipient

Capabilities Profile

TeamworkPresentation SkillsProficient in Microsoft Office

Time ManagementPublic Speaking SkillsSocial Networking Skills

Organizational SkillsVerbal Communication SkillsLeadership Skills

University Involvement

In 2007, I joined a service organization on campus at East Carolina University, Gamma Sigma Sigma. Throughout my time as a member, I became deeply interested in the ideals of the sorority; being based on serving the community taught me not only a lot of about the rewards involved with helping people, but the rewards that are personally experienced when helping people. 

I became more involved in the sorority, running for organization president in 2009. With conflicts between the former president and the national level, I was elected in office with five members, out of 120, that were willing to make a change. 

Now, after two, one-year terms as president, I have assisted in leading  the membership growth from five to fifty-five, our bank account from $18.00 to roughly $5,000.00, and revamped the organizations reputation around campus as well as in the Greenville community.