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Litter-Robot, designed by the professionals at Automated Pet Care Products, Inc., offers cat owners a time-saving and worry-free alternative to maintaining traditional litter boxes. The globe-shaped device, which easily accommodates cats up to 15 pounds or larger, automatically empties waste into a designated drawer, which owners can line with any standard garbage bag for the kitchen. As a result, Litter-Robot users no longer have to scoop out each waste clump once or twice a day; instead, they simply remove the receptacle bag from the drawer one to two times a week. After cats begin using the Litter-Robot regularly, they and their owners benefit from more than just automatic cleaning. The mold-resistant waste drawer helps eliminate odors, and the device functions well with almost any clumping litter. In addition, a built-in safety mechanism ensures that the Litter-Robot never goes through a cleaning cycle while a cat is inside, and there are no rakes or other hazardous moving parts. Other benefits include average litter cost savings of as much as 50 percent.Committed to customer satisfaction, Automated Pet Care Products offers a three-month guarantee that allows individuals who are dissatisfied for any reason to recoup all costs, except those for shipping. The company also extends an 18-month warranty on the Litter-Robot.