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Coach Patilla

About Lisimba Patilla

What They Say about Lisimba

Mr. Patilla was immediately able to build a rapport with the students.  His extensive knowledge of college recruiting was instrumental in helping our athletes to be prepared and on a college track. Mr. Patilla was respected by his fellow coaches and by the students.  His ability to relate to them made him credible and able to build the relationships needed to be a successful coach.  Our students respected him and valued his opinion. Mr. Patilla is organized and knowledgeable.

~Coach Ricky Powers, Head Coach Buchtel High School

Thanks so very much for all you have done for Alexandra Wasik.  Without you, we would never have realized how vast her D1 opportunities would have been.  It has been an amazing experience.

~ Robert & Michelle Wasik, Mother of Alexandra Wasik - Pole Vaulter, Medina Class of 2011

Lisimba has been able to expand information and interest far beyond our local area for this junior athlete. He has done so without interfering in any way with the coaching staff, but in fact cooperating with us…He gets to know the student-athlete, the parents and will work to generate opportunities for that athlete that otherwise may not become available. I could not recommend him more highly.

~Coach Tom George, Former Track/Football Coach Medina Senior High School

Lisimba is an extraordinary public speaker with a very engaging, motivating and professional delivery.  He also prepares extensively...and is a pleasure to listen to.  ~ Keith Pretty, President of Northwood UniversityLisimba is a phenomenal informational, motivational and inspirational speaker ~ Marty Embry, Flint Community Schools Athletic Coordinator

Leslie has signed a National Letter of Intent for Volleyball with Fairmont State University (Division II).  Coach Patilla and his college athletics E-marketing was a major part of this success and we are very thankful he was present in our lives for this experience.

Michelle and Ron Giordon, Parents of Leslie Giordon - Volleyball Player Medina (Class of 2010)

Some other programs only consider the athlete while Lisimba considers the student as well as the athlete in helping in making a good college choice. I like what I see and am happy to be a part of the process.

~ Dale Weygandt, Colleague

I'll say some of the things about dialogue between a coach and a recruit were right on!  We don't want them to know that but that is how it is.~ Coach Holman Wiggins, Illinois State University"...the right mix of personal testimony, easy to use resource references and insights...~ Joann Shabazz,  33 Year veteran University of Michigan Career Adviser

Lisimba Patilla

Lisimba Patilla is the student-athlete education consultant who is locally trusted in Northeast Ohio (located in Medina, Ohio) to positively effect how parents and student-athletes expand their options with athletic recruiting, solutions for pursuing college athletics.  Coach Patilla provides personal and group solutions to aspiring families and athletic departments.

Coach Patilla is the published author of  "Guide to Athletic Recruiting and Career Education (2010)."

His message is simple - "Know what your scoreboard says because to be a productive student-athlete for life you should feel at home as a student academically, intellectually and socially and know how to capitalize as a visitor to athletics."