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Earn a position with the Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce, which provides high quality general information and service to all Guests of Catalina Island, specifically in their Marketing Department as the Events & Electronic Marketing Manager, which would include managing social media sites, various databases and annual & pop-up events, while increasing the global connectivity of island businesses and happenings with its visitors and residents.

Work experience

Jan 2011Present


DC-3 Gifts & Grill

While working for the DC-3 Gifts & Grill I have had the opportunity to create the Safety Program, oversee the design and updates to our new company website and work with groups of all sizes to create menus and assist with planning their journeys on Catalina Island.  This has really helped me refine my skills in the area of time management and prioritization.  Working in the fast pace of the DC-3 Grill during tour bus rushes and Summer BBQs where we are assisting large groups of people in relatively short amounts of time has solidified my view of how important planning is and how great planning and communication can create great events.

Jul 2009Oct 2010

Field Support

Santa Catalina Island Company, Discovery Tours

The day that I was laid off from Disney, I contacted Eric Cederwall at the Island Company and within the week I was back in my old position for Discovery Tours as Field Support.  I had previously held the same position prior to working for Disney (from May 1999 to January 2005).  The Island Company was in the middle of a lot of big changes and I hopped right on board, setting up the job aids and binders of job knowledge for all four cross-channel carriers and over a dozen and a half hotels and businesses that were ready to sell Island Company products including the new Zip Line, cabanas and other tickets and tours directly to their Guests.  I set up training times with each business, went into their location, completed the updating and signing of contracts for these business partnerships, supplied the training and did on-site trouble shooting when necessary.  I was the main point of contact for each of these businesses and was often getting several calls a day while maintaining my regular schedule of working in the ticket booths and providing tours along with supervising the operation with Tracy Larsen and Cindy Lyon.  It was extremely beneficial to have prior knowledge of hotel inner workings, folios, Guest flow and common Guest questions that would arise.  I was able to form good working relationships with a number of the hoteliers and their staff.

Apr 2005Jun 2009

Guest Services Manager, Disneyland Hotel Front Desk

The Walt Disney Company

Working for the Walt Disney Company was truly magical.  The amount and caliber of training I received in five years was amazing!  I had already had a strong background in customer service training from the Island Company and from my previous island employers (Yoshi's, Island Photo, Catalina Island Travel & Convention Bureau) - when I was working for SCICo between 1999 & 2005, they were making use of Disney's SERVICE model and Four Keys (Safety, Courtesy, Show, Efficiency). 

Disney's training blew me away.  From the general training to work at the Front Desk (one week backstage, two weeks onstage), to the training to become a ticket specialist, Trainer, Lead, Global Lodging Trainer & finally Emerging Leader and Manager, there was not a day where I wasn't learning something new.  Advancement and recognition were standards based, so there were always new goals to be met, new challenges to take and new ways to look for solutions to improve the Guest experience, the morale of the Cast or the bottom line. I love that this company reinforced in me the joy in always improving, always striving for something that is just a little better, a little more. There are training notebooks I've held onto that provide tidbits of knowledge and gems of inspiration when needed.

I was able to run point on several Cast events held in our area including several reward and recognition events which included tours throughout the Resort and backstage, lunches or dinners on and off property and involved several departments.  These usually consisted of between 15 - 35 people and were as short as a lunch break or as long as a half day event.

The technical training I learned included LMS, LMS GUI, Galaxy Ticketing Systems plus a host of Disney built systems for reservations and dining, VIP Guests, key encoders, attendance tracking for Cast, reward and recognition tracking, Guest comments & calls tracking and many other programs that were used on a daily basis throughout the Resort, which at the time employed just over 22,000 Cast Members.  We also made use of MS Office extensively , utilizing Outlook, Publisher, Excel & Word on a daily basis for general communication between departments and properties.


Aug 1999May 2004


California State University, Long Beach


Todd Duncan

I worked for Todd at the Disneyland Hotel Front Desk after he returned from opening Disneyland Hong Kong in 2005.  He was my boss for four years and then moved into Housekeeping as their area manager, however he still remained  (and remains) my mentor. 

Anny Altamirano

Anny was my "on-the-job" trainer at the Disneyland Hotel Front Desk.  She would later become my co-worker as a Guest Services Manager of the same location.  We worked together for five years.

DC-3 Internet Presence


Public Relations
Food & Beverage
Concierge Service
Public Speaking
Hospitality Management
The following is a note I posted on Facebook after the passing of some dear friends from my Disney Days.  It is posted to here to offer you a sample of my writing:   The more I live life the more I keep realizing how blessed I was to be a part of the DLH Family.  To have a set of people in my life that would make me laugh, cry, scream, want to pull my hair out, make me dance in the rain, make me create magic - literally magical.  Because as I see it - we were and are magical.  We create happiness.  We provide the intangible, the romantic, the mysterious, the moment people remember all their lives.  We offer joy to a young girl who may not have much time left, we offer peace to a returning veteran and their family, we offer hope to a newly engaged couple.  We offer time when so many others are unwilling or unable to take just a second for someone else.  And when necessary, as is the case in life, we offer love - we come together and become something bigger than being on time, than remembering which button to push, than wearing the right socks and being in Disney Look, than something being ready anytime after 3, than AM and PM and GY, than DLH vs GCH vs PPH.  We become family.  We console each other, we grieve together.  We take a moment to recognize someone that is no longer with us and look past the pettiness and the drama and we just are.  We are just people that all share a common experience, a common purpose, a common person.  And for that, we are all just a little bit better than we used to be. 
General Photography
I have a strong eye for framing photos - Drew Mauck and Renee Pantoja have been trying to get me to enter the Art Festival for a few years, but work has generally taken the front seat.  I love taking photos of events, people & nature.  I am never without my camera and digital photography makes it very easy and efficient to share.  I currently us my own Canon SX 20 IS and my iphone to snap shots.  I love that photography can create emotion without movement.  After reviewing your Facebook page, it is clear to me the posts that have the most impact are your photographs.  They are the most commonly shared posts as well.  We are fortunate that we have a product that sells itself.  Catalina is beautiful - sometimes people (and their friends) just need reminding.

General Photography

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