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Continue as an Entrepreneurial leader, IT strategist and marketing professional while building upon 10+ years distinguished business experience. Utilize social media to corporate benefit,  and continue  developing a “results-centered” philosophy of cutting edge technical resources and tactics to maximize the bottom line. Resume and build upon skills to quickly assimilate new industries, sales goals, business benchmarks, data metrics and surpassing expectations. Extend work with a diverse range of businesses in the  Fashion, Sports, Music, Travel, Retail Industries and more to penetrate untapped territory, engage current/prospective customers, generate buzz and boost interest/awareness.


Technology in Music, Travel, Sports (especially Baseball), and Retail


Marketing Social Media ·Web Presence ·Online Brand Awareness 

An Entrepreneurial Leader who has built business despite extremely limited capital and a market that didn’t yet recognize the value potential of SEO, social media opportunities, corporate blogging and IT marketing campaigns for clientele in industries such as Music, Sports, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Real Estate and Retail. 

Springbak Web Presence Samples

Thrift Town Web Presence Samples

Two Coconuts Swimwear Samples

Work experience

Co-Founder / Owner

Infused Web

Complete Web, Print & Design Solutions for Business

Jan 1998Present

Founder / Owner

Virtually Ready

Professional Virtual Web Presence Solutions Provider


Web / Blog Design
Efficient in CSS, HTML and WordPress Design & Customization
Online Marketing
Website, Blog, Search Engine & Social Media
Social Web Expert
Professional Development, Design and Management of Social Web Presence for Business.