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Art Docent

In the past year I have started and implemented an Art Docent Program in Shields School for grades k-5. From fundraising to lesson planning, art project to budgeting, it has been amazing to meet all of the kids from the school and see them learn about art and using art to express your emotions. The art that has come out of the first year of Art Docent has been inspired.

Nage Restaurant Rehoboth

Blue Moon Restaurant

11 Years

Leader, Group Motivation, Organization, Group Management

The Buttery Restaurant

10 years

City of Orlando

3 Years

Pottery Teacher, Summer Children's Clay Camp


Sep 1993May 1997

Bachelor of Fine Arts

University Of Delaware

Major- Ceramics



Shields School- Art Docent,    Classroom,  Art Class, Fund Raising

Bethel Christian School- Booster &

                                            Fund Raising


Art in schools makes kids think outside of the box and break the rules. Art helps with forward thinking, using different perspectives, thinking on your feet, and helps develop fine  motor skills. It helps children deal with issues that they can not verbally express to their  parents.  I have seen children who have sick parents and how that makes them feel or even children who do not raise their hand during regular class actually participate.