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Work experience


Based in Colorado, Lin Merage channels her altruistic interests through a number of activities. Primarily, Lin Merage promotes the health of people and the planet through her role as a sustainability entrepreneur at an online store that provides sustainable and organic products.

In her role, Lin Merage contributes to a company that offers healthy products and educates customers about the environment. Possessing a variety of products, the company also provides a number of online articles with titles such as “The Air We Breathe,” “Non-Toxic Toys and Tips for a Healthy Life for your Baby or Child,” and “Eco-Green Home Helps to keep you healthy!”. In one of these articles, the author discusses Lin Merage’s own experience with a condition known as chemical sensitivity. In an effort to better understand and find solutions, Ms. Merage completed in-depth research on toxic chemicals and their effects on the body. Eventually, the research led Lin Merage to found her own company.

In her free time, Lin Merage enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, boating, and gardening. An admirer of fine art, she also enjoys theater, music, and fashion. When she is not engaged in these activities, Ms. Merage can often be found attending trade shows and conventions related to green living and business, as well as helping others around her. With an interest in helping young people to discover their talents and reach their goals, Lin Merage started her own foundation and plans to join the Rotary Club. Through her foundation, she supports children with special needs by paying for their tuition, purchasing needed books, and supplementing the cost of their living expenses. She has also donated to the Kempe Foundation for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect.

Eliminating Environmental Toxins to Prevent Hormonal Imbalances

Environmental toxins come from a variety of sources and can affect the human body in various ways. One such impact is the potential for chemicals from the environment to trigger imbalances in the body’s hormone levels, the substances that regulate everything from growth to metabolism to reproduction.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that environmental exposure to toxins can lead to hormone imbalances and, ultimately, infertility. Among the toxins it cites as being problematic are lead, which is found in the paint in many older houses and apartments that were built before 1978, and pesticides, found in most non-organic food.Avoiding environmental toxins is one way to reduce the likelihood of hormone imbalances, but it can be tricky: the CDC noted in 2008, potential toxins exist in hundreds of commonly used products, including sunscreen and cosmetics. Those wishing to cut their exposure can start by switching to organic diets and cleaning their homes with non-toxic cleaning products.About the Author:A fierce proponent of organic and natural living, Lin Merage improves access to non-toxic clothing and household products via her online retail shop.


Professional Organizations:Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce, Organic Trade Association, National Retail Federation, US Green Build Council, Denver Green America, Always On Go Green Summits, Always On Innovation, Technology Summit, Sustainable Industries, West Coast Green Conference, PCBC Conference.

Charities:Kempe Foundation for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect, Denver Academy, UC Berkley Green Chemistry Program/

Hobbies / Activities:Go to the Mountains, Hiking, Boating, Art, Movies, Gardening, Growing Crops, Cooking, Music, Performing Arts, Going to Galleries, Designing Fashion and Accessories, Knitting, Family, Pets.