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Linlin Ma

research associate

Research Associate with 3+ years of experience. Specialty areas include mammalian cell culture; cell-based assay development; high throughput screening; confocal microscope and core molecular biology.

Work experience

Nov 2014Present

Research Associate                                           

Allele Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals  Inc         
  • Maintained human iPSCs and hES for future stem cell differentiation and cell-based assay development.
  • Performed fibroblast isolation from human skin punch biopsy to build fibroblast master cell bank and working cell bank for customers.
  • Contributed to develop cell proliferation assay as a robust method for human firbroblast/iPSCs QC release testing.
  • Constructed targeted antigen fragments for nanoantibody upstream process development using Gibson assembly method.
  • Performed in-vitro mRNA transcription and purification to provide high quality mRNA for entire company.
  • Created, edited and maintained documentation relevant to production processes, batch release, quality control, quality assurance in a portfolio comprised of over 50+ cGMP master documents .
Sep 2012Nov 2014

Research Associate                              

C & C BioPharma, LLC
  • Performed mammalian cell (HEK293, CHO,  15+ human carcinoma cell lines) passaging, harvesting and cryopreservation as daily job.
  • Carried out high-throughput screening, using Luciferase reporter gene assay and cell proliferation assay/ MTS to determine IC50 values of 100+ compounds in human carcinoma cell lines. 
  • Participated in early drug discovery stage to determine mechanism and potency of small molecular drug candidates.
  • Expressed recombinant protein and performed purification using chromatography techniques including affinity, IEC, and SEC in GE AKTA FPLC system.
  • Characterized protein using standard analytic methods, such as SDS-PAGE, western blotting, immunoprecipitation, immunoblotting,  DLS, SEC-MALS, BCA, etc.
  • Measured protein-protein interaction using fluorescence polarization assay.
  • Participated in developing research-used ELISA kit with targeted ligand and receptor.
Sep 2010Sep 2012

Graduate Research Assistant                      

School of Pharmacy, University of Southern California
  • Operated Zeiss confocal microscope to analyze and make live cell imaging/movies of the protein trafficking in rabbit lacrimal gland acinar cell, high quality images published in paper.
  • Successfully designed and constructed plasmid mCherry-Rab3D using basic molecular techniques, such as DNA purification; restriction enzyme digest; electrophoresis; DNA sequencing etc.
  • Transduced primary lacrimal gland acinar cells with Adeno-virus constructs to express desired tagged protein.
  • Performed transient transfection using Lipofectamine in HEK293 and HeLa cells to express desired fluorescent protein.
  • Proficient experience in performing immunostaining to detect target protein expression and co-localization in mammalian cells
Jan 2012Apr 2012

Research Associate Intern                                  

Advanced Analytical Testing Service
  • Carried out analytical tests using U-HPLC to give accurate content of caffeine; vitamin C from food product.
  • Cooperated with colleagues to complete choline content testing using enzyme-based assay/ UV-vis, giving fast and reliable results to clients.


Sep 2014Aug 2015

Graduate Certificate 

University of Southern California                 

Regulatory and Clinical Affairs                                                                             

Aug 2010Aug 2012

Master of Science

University of Southern California                 

Pharmaceutical Sciences                                                                                         

Sep 2006Jul 2010

Bachelor of Science                                                                          

Xiamen University                                          

Pharmaceutical Sciences                                                                                            

Core Skills

Mammalian cell culture; iPSC/ES

cell-based assay develoment

Confocal Microscope

Immunofluorence assay 


Protein purification/ characterization


Polymeric immunoglobulin receptor traffics through two distinct apically targeted pathways in primary lacrimal gland acinar cells. Xu S, Ma L, Evans E, Okamoto CT, Hamm-Alvarez SF. J Cell Sci. 2013 Jun 15;126