Linlin Ma

research associate

  • 45 Mount Pleasant St. Cambridge . MA

Research Associate with 3+ years of experience. Specialty areas include mammalian cell culture; cell-based assay development; high throughput screening; confocal microscope and core molecular biology.

Work experience
Work experience
Nov 2014 - Present
Research Associate                                           
Allele Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals  Inc         
  • Maintained human iPSCs and hES for future stem cell differentiation and cell-based assay development.
  • Performed fibroblast isolation from human skin punch biopsy to build fibroblast master cell bank and working cell bank for customers.
  • Contributed to develop cell proliferation assay as a robust method for human firbroblast/iPSCs QC release testing.
  • Constructed targeted antigen fragments for nanoantibody upstream process development using Gibson assembly method.
  • Performed in-vitro mRNA transcription and purification to provide high quality mRNA for entire company.
  • Created, edited and maintained documentation relevant to production processes, batch release, quality control, quality assurance in a portfolio comprised of over 50+ cGMP master documents .
Sep 2012 - Nov 2014
Research Associate                              
C & C BioPharma, LLC
  • Performed mammalian cell (HEK293, CHO,  15+ human carcinoma cell lines) passaging, harvesting and cryopreservation as daily job.
  • Carried out high-throughput screening, using Luciferase reporter gene assay and cell proliferation assay/ MTS to determine IC50 values of 100+ compounds in human carcinoma cell lines. 
  • Participated in early drug discovery stage to determine mechanism and potency of small molecular drug candidates.
  • Expressed recombinant protein and performed purification using chromatography techniques including affinity, IEC, and SEC in GE AKTA FPLC system.
  • Characterized protein using standard analytic methods, such as SDS-PAGE, western blotting, immunoprecipitation, immunoblotting,  DLS, SEC-MALS, BCA, etc.
  • Measured protein-protein interaction using fluorescence polarization assay.
  • Participated in developing research-used ELISA kit with targeted ligand and receptor.
Sep 2010 - Sep 2012
Graduate Research Assistant                      
School of Pharmacy, University of Southern California
  • Operated Zeiss confocal microscope to analyze and make live cell imaging/movies of the protein trafficking in rabbit lacrimal gland acinar cell, high quality images published in paper.
  • Successfully designed and constructed plasmid mCherry-Rab3D using basic molecular techniques, such as DNA purification; restriction enzyme digest; electrophoresis; DNA sequencing etc.
  • Transduced primary lacrimal gland acinar cells with Adeno-virus constructs to express desired tagged protein.
  • Performed transient transfection using Lipofectamine in HEK293 and HeLa cells to express desired fluorescent protein.
  • Proficient experience in performing immunostaining to detect target protein expression and co-localization in mammalian cells
Jan 2012 - Apr 2012
Research Associate Intern                                  
Advanced Analytical Testing Service
  • Carried out analytical tests using U-HPLC to give accurate content of caffeine; vitamin C from food product.
  • Cooperated with colleagues to complete choline content testing using enzyme-based assay/ UV-vis, giving fast and reliable results to clients.
Sep 2014 - Aug 2015
Graduate Certificate 
University of Southern California                 

Regulatory and Clinical Affairs                                                                             

Aug 2010 - Aug 2012
Master of Science
University of Southern California                 

Pharmaceutical Sciences                                                                                         

Sep 2006 - Jul 2010
Bachelor of Science                                                                          
Xiamen University                                          

Pharmaceutical Sciences                                                                                            

Core Skills
Mammalian cell culture; iPSC/ES
cell-based assay develoment
Confocal Microscope
Immunofluorence assay 
Protein purification/ characterization


Polymeric immunoglobulin receptor traffics through two distinct apically targeted pathways in primary lacrimal gland acinar cells. Xu S, Ma L, Evans E, Okamoto CT, Hamm-Alvarez SF. J Cell Sci. 2013 Jun 15;126