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  • One Quarterly Service 1st award and Seventeen service 1st nominations at Raymond James Ltd.
  • Three years of industry experience, including Registered Funds, Account Transfers and the CSC
  • Excellent interpersonal skills; resolves issues by negotiating the needs of every client group.
  • Results-oriented team-player with a friendly, professional manner and a dependable work ethic.
  • Minimizes risk to the firm by asking key questions, and balancing speed, accuracy and leadership.
  • MSc in Information Systems, BSc in Business Administration and skilled in MS Office and Dataphile.

Work experience

Aug 2012Present

Sr. Account Transfers-In Associate

Raymond James Ltd

  • Responsible for the "manual transfer" of a full range of Registered Accounts into Raymond James Ltd. Responsible for transferring: RRSP, SRSP, LIRA, LRSP, RRIF, SRIF, PRIF, LIF, TFSA and RESP funds

  • Manual transfers, simply means non-CDS or non-ATON eligible (non IIROC firms). This requires a strong service focus, significant leadership skills, resolute follow-up and a balance between process and results.
Jul 2010Jul 2012

Manual Transfers Associate (Non-CDS)

Raymond James Ltd.
  • Responsible for transferring the full range of Registered Accounts types into Raymond James Ltd.
  • Accountable for ensuring data accuracy, issue resolution, time and risk management, and service
Apr 2010Jun 2010

Account Transfers Associate

Raymond James Ltd.

  • Be responsible for all incoming and outgoing Mail and Courier deliveries for Account Transfers while meeting scheduled deadlines; 

  • Review and verify client information on Transfer documents; 
  • Set up non-CDS ATON for manual transfers for Registered Plans; 
  • Confirm receipt of cheques for all Account Transfers and preparation of deposits; 
  • File all Transfer-related documents; 
  • Perform daily tasks relating to Transfers processing; 
  • Assist with other duties as required; 
  • Focus on providing efficient and effective customer service to all internal and external clients ; 
  • Demonstrate a willingness to cross-train and assist with other responsibilities within Account Transfers and other areas as required; 
Jan 2010Mar 2010

Registered Funds Associate

Raymond James Ltd
  • Responsible for processing cash, stock and Mutual Fund contributions to a range of Registered Plans
  • Accountable for meeting strict timelines, deadlines and quality control standards during RSP Season
  • Managing relationships with Financial Advisors to ensure that service delivery exceeds expectations
Sep 2008Nov 2009

Career Development

  • Professional training: Completed SCC Vancouver's "Successful Contracting & Consulting" course. Specializing on small business, this course provides professionals will tools to run their own company.
  • Professional training: Studying for CSC Certification "Canadian Securities Course" course & exam. Specializing on Mutual Funds and Stocks, this exam is typically a pre-requisite to careers in finance. 
  • Networking with like-minded Executives at Linkedin, New Ventures BC and Open Vancouver events
Mar 2007Sep 2008

Client Relations / Marketing Manager, LSI Canada

Language Studies International (LSI)


  • Increased sales 240% by listening to clients' needs and communicating LSI’s competitive advantages. This followed extensive internal and external research into our students wants, needs and desires. 
  • Built B2B & B2C relationships and presented new ideas at events in Canada, Mexico & Colombia. Reached out to clients to gain feedback on our ideas and get a better understanding of their issues.
  • Teamed up with the Director of Studies to create a very popular 3-phase Cambridge Exam Program. Research had shown that students would prefer our 15 wk program to our competitors 12wk course.
  • Developed and promoted a fantastic "Multi-centre course" to exploit a powerful competitive advantage. With 16 locations, LSI was one of only three ESL school in the world, physically able offer this value.


  • To manage all direct inquiries for the two Canadian schools and systematized the booking process
  • Brand improvement: Research LSI's core values, client perspective / profile and brand personality
  • Product improvement: Identify student & agent needs in order to improve existing course offerings
  • Relationship Building: Develop new and existing partnerships with local & International agencies 
  • Trade-shows: Participate in CEC Network fairs in Canada, and student fairs in Mexico &Colombia
  • Produce a range of Client-oriented materials for LSI's interest groups (students, agents & parents)
Apr 2005Feb 2007

Personal / Business travel worldwide

Post-Graduate Field Study


Effective Relationship Management is routed in the ability to listening well, adapting to change, communicating effectively, respect and celebrate (cultural) differences and motivate all people.

  • Practical experience; Observed business culture, sales processes and Asian marketing tools

  • Built a global network and learned from a Regional Manager in the Banking sector, S.E. Asia

Communication skills: Natural ability to communicate with anyone to unlock a mutual goal.

Nov 2001Feb 2005

Senior Admissions Representative

Corporate Communications Training College


  •      Led our sales & marketing team in the recruitment of local “career-based training” applicants
  •      Identified Thailand as a new market & executed effective strategy (Revenue 220K in 18 months)
  •      Exhibited at 10 tradeshows / career fairs in Thailand & Canada and studied tradeshow strategies
  •      Accountable for selling / up-selling local prospects, training employees & handling tuition fees
  •      Conducted staff meetings; buying & sales cycle, contact management, CRM reports & delegation
  •     Mastered a CRM Database to track lead source, contact data & effectively target our marketing
  •     AWARDS: Credited by CEO for business development in Thailand & overall sales performance


  • Accountable for selling prospects, training and managing new staff and accounts receivable
  • Manage staff meetings, buying and sales cycles, goal setting, reporting & delegated sales tracking
  • Responsible for developing International Markets from Europe and Asia through student Agencies
  • Presented at numerous international trade shows in Europe and Asia plus local fairs in Vancouver


Oct 1999May 2001


University of Wales, UWIC

Dissertation: The effective use of systems to provide remote access to inventory data by a sales team.

Master's Program included:

  • Management Information Systems
  • Database Analysis and Design
  • Object Oriented Development
  • Research Methods
Oct 1995May 1999

BSc (Hon)

University of Wales, Cardiff Business School

The Honour's Degree (4 year) program  included:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Strategic Management
  • Research (Quantitative and Qualitative)
  • Management Theory and Practice
  • Business Policy
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Micro / Macro Economics
  • Accounting / Financial Management
  • Industrial Relations


Product Improvement
Listening, communicating and testing. 
Process Improvement
As a results-oriented team leader with an MSc in Information Systems, I study existing processes to make them as efficient and effective as possible. By building in tracking tools and accountability measures, the process gains stability, as well as a streamlined detail-oriented finish. Most importantly, it invariable increases productivity.    
Consultative Sales
Consultative sales, or "Service-side Sales" requires listening. Understanding the client's needs, wants and desires and then communicating a solution. I am passionate about quality, value for money and personal service.   I generate referral business through "touch programs", "loyalty programs" and solving client's issues.
International Marketing
Built on a Degree in Business Administration and exceptional interpersonal skills to develop marketing strategies that attract international students and build lasting B2B relationships throughout Asia, Europe & Latin America. 
Contact Management
  Utilizing software systems to measure and manage actionable results. Lead source Tracking Touch Programs Buying / Sales Cycle Generating Reports etc  
Relationship Building
Building relationships with people from different walks of like and cultural backgrounds is like food to me.   



Nov 2009Nov 2012

Canadian Securities Certificate

CSI Institute