The Best LinkedIn Alternative For Establishing a Job Seeker's Professional Web Presence

Choosing a Linkedin Alternative in 2018 shouldn't be difficult. Get the Perfect Professional Online Presence Quickly and Easily with Visual CV.

If you are a working professional or in the market for a new job, then you’re likely aware that there are several professional networking platforms to choose from. LinkedIn is the most well-known, though viable alternatives can be found in AngelList, Xing, and Bark.

Each of these sites offer a platform where professionals and job seekers can market themselves and engage with people in their industry. Each comes with its own particular set of tools and parameters to support professional networking. When it comes to actually getting hired, however, VisualCV has the best tools for the job.

VisualCV is the best tool for building an effective professional online profile.

1) VisualCV is a more focused alternative to LinkedIn.

What sets VisualCV apart is its focus. VisualCV is the best platform for creating and customizing the perfect resume for every job application. While many professional networking sites are filled with annoying advertisements, distracting status updates, and unnecessary notifications, with VisualCV you can focus on getting hired.

VisualCV provides the ability to create multiple professional profiles, each customized to suit the different positions you are looking for. Features include a unique URL for each profile, analytics to see who has viewed your profile, multiple eye-catching resume templates, and the ability to download your resume as an attractive PDF or Word document.

When you log in to your VisualCV account, you’ll see the resumes you have created and statistics showing how many people have viewed them. It’s that clean and simple. There is no nonsense, no advertisements, and no messages from people you hardly know. You will be able to focus your attention on making smart decisions about your job search.

Simple-to-use and easy-to-implement professional networking tools without any distraction are what you get with VisualCV.

2) VisualCV is better for job applications and contract work.

It is important to customize your resume for the job you are applying to. This is true for full-time, part-time, and contract work. Using the same general resume for every application without making changes to suit the specific position is not likely to impress employers. To land your dream job, your resume and online profiles must be specifically targeted for that particular position.

Because you only have a single LinkedIn profile, it is not possible to customize it for every job you apply for. LinkedIn profiles aren’t intended to be updated unless you have new accomplishments or work experience to add. This means that all potential employers see the exact same information, none of which has been tailored to suit that employer’s needs.

That’s why you should not use your LinkedIn profile for changing jobs or looking for contract work. Each application requires its own resume with details that are specific to the job at hand. VisualCV gives you the capability to design targeted, customized profiles and resumes in minutes. Once published, you will have the ability to track your profile to see if and when it was viewed.

We’re not saying that sites like LinkedIn don’t have value. LinkedIn can be used as a professional networking tool. However, to put your best foot forward and effectively highlight your work experience, accomplishments, and skillset, an online profile like VisualCV is a better way to stand out.

3) VisualCV gives job seekers control over their privacy.

VisualCV offers a safe and secure way to create and share your professional profiles. VisualCV is here to serve one person: you, the customer. LinkedIn, on the other hand, makes money on paid advertisements, recruiter subscriptions, and job postings.

To serve you, we have clear privacy rules that we commit to and stand by:

VisualCV does not sell user data to advertisers or third parties. You own your data on the VisualCV platform. You can delete your resumes (or your VisualCV account) at any time.

You have control over your privacy. Your VisualCV can be set to Unlisted (not findable via search engines) or Public (findable via search engines), and you have the ability to change it at any time.

Can an online profile be sexy? Yes, because VisualCV is not your traditional online profile.

If a standard, traditional professional resume is what you need, that’s perfectly doable with VisualCV, but we also have design options that really help you stand out from the crowd.

VisualCV has a variety of resume and cv templates to create a “wow” factor. Whether you’re looking to develop an executive resume or a mind-blowing online portfolio, VisualCV has you covered. Plus, it’s easy to tailor and create new profiles that are appropriate for each new application. You can even build a resume with your LinkedIn profile.

And did we mention you can track the views of each VisualCV resume you create?

5) VisualCV is here to help you find the best job opportunities.

VisualCV serves hundreds of thousands of professionals ranging from high-school graduates to boardroom executives. We take care of the professionals we serve when compared to professional networking sites like LinkedIn and other alternatives. Regardless of where you’re at in your career, we are committed to your success.

It’s our goal to make sure you have an amazing experience while utilizing and interacting with the VisualCV platform. Our customer success team checks in with each VisualCV customer to answer questions and ensure you get the best value possible with VisualCV.

We are here every day helping people land their dream jobs, build their personal brand and meet their professional goals.

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