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Linkedin Alternative: Why Visual CV is The Best Alternative in 2018

Choosing a Linkedin Alternative in 2018 shouldn't be difficult. Get the Perfect Professional Online Presence Quickly and Easily with Visual CV.

VisualCV is a more focused tool for professionals to build effective online profiles.

Wondering why you need a VisualCV in 2018 if you already have a LinkedIn profile?

Not sure if LinkedIn is right for you?

Are you looking for a Linkedin Alternative?

We understand that deciding where to host your online profile is a big decision, so we’ve put together some info that will help you decide which option is best for you, or if it makes sense to have both a LinkedIn and VisualCV account.

Below you’ll find information that will help you compare VisualCV and LinkedIn including features, experiences, pricing, and privacy policies.

1) VisualCV is more focused than LinkedIn

Login to your LinkedIn profile - what do you see?

A barrage of advertisements, news articles, messages, and updates from people you barely know. It’s overwhelming.

With VisualCV, your senses won’t be offended. All you see when you login is your dashboard. It has all your different resume versions and view statistics. That’s it. Simple, right?

VisualCV enables you to create custom profiles for whatever you’re looking for professionally. You can change your profile to suit the job or contract you’re looking for. Image of VisualCV web to print You’ll get awesome features like multiple resume designs, online portfolio support, and a separate URL for each profile.

You’ll get analytics to know who’s viewed each profile, and tools for exporting into an application-friendly format.

All this - without advertisements, news feeds, or an overloaded inbox.

2) VisualCV is better for job applications and contract work.

To get what you’re looking for in the job market you need a targeted approach.

Most recruiters won’t look at a resume that hasn’t been customized for the application. Same goes with looking for contract work - a custom profile tailored to the customer’s needs is the most effective way to sell your unique skillset.

VisualCV makes it easy to create a custom, targeted profile in minutes. You can even track each profile to see if it has been viewed. Image of VisualCV Examples You should never apply to a job or a contract with a LinkedIn profile. Here’s why:

  • You’re sending people to LinkedIn, not a custom profile
  • LinkedIn is filled with distractions
  • Your LinkedIn profile does not have as much data as you should have on a custom resume
  • You can’t include any sensitive data on a LinkedIn profile

VisualCV is a secure and effective way to create the right profile for the job. You can simply copy an existing VisualCV, edit it to fit the application, and publish a new, secure version in minutes to the web or PDF.

3) With VisualCV you are in control of your privacy.

We’re here to serve one customer: You, the professional.

With LinkedIn - you are the product. LinkedIn makes money from recruiter subscriptions, paid advertisements, and job postings.

Like we said, we’re here to serve you. These are the privacy rules we stand by:

Your data is yours. You own all the data on the VisualCV platform - and can delete it (and your account) anytime. We DO NOT sell data to third parties or advertisers.

You’re in full control of privacy. You can set your VisualCV’s to be public or private, and can change your settings anytime. A public CV will be findable on search engines, while an unlisted CV will not.

4) VisualCV is sexier.

It’s not often you hear of an online resume being called sexy, but we’re not your typical online profile.

Of course you can always create a standard professional resume for a traditional job application - but we also have design options that really help you stand out from the crowd.

Image of VisualCV Examples LinkedIn has 1 standard profile design. And it’s a bit. Well. You be the judge. It definitely does not have the “wow” factor.

VisualCV has a variety of designs, from the perfect executive resume to a mind-blowing online portfolio. And you’re not limited to one choice - you can create the perfect profile for the job - every time.

5) VisualCV is here to help

We’re a small team that is committed making sure you have an amazing experience with VisualCV.

Our customer success team (Often our CEO) checks in with every single customer to answer any questions you may have and helps you get the most out of VisualCV.

We’re here every day helping people build their best careers.

Do I need both?

Don’t get us wrong - LinkedIn is a valuable tool. For looking for jobs, connecting with recruiters, and remembering who you met at a conference.

It doesn’t hurt to have a LinkedIn profile.

But if you’re serious about presenting your very best self in every opportunity, VisualCV is your best option.

We serve hundreds of thousands of professionals - from high school graduates to high powered CEO’s. And we’d love for you to give us a try.

Ready to give VisualCV a try?

We hope this comparison was useful to you. Trying VisualCV is easy - you can get started in a few minutes. To sign-up for free, visit VisualCV.

Make your next career move with confidence.

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