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HoTing Lin

Student at English Depatment in NTTU


College life

Hoting Lin is the graduate student at Department of English and American Literature, National Taitung University, Taiwan. In the last two year, he joined the Tenri University summer camp to do the culture exchange with international students. In the same year, he met the mentor and found his interest in online-teaching. With mentor`s help, he got the chance to work in SUNNET in winter vacation.

As a college student, the fresh man, he is ready for every challenge and chase for his goal. Doing better and better, thinking wider and longer, he begin to combine daily little thing with project possibilities. Sometimes searched about the secret behind the AD, and learned the lesson the trick to catch the audience`s attention. The fresh man is ready to be the social college student.


National Taitung University


English Department

The English Department of NTTU insist on teaching English and American literature, thus we had the fortune to contemporary American literature and read the novels. We had the professional writing and literature analysis class. Besides, NTTU has unique subject, Children literature, we had multi-faced learning. 

Work experience

Mountain Climbing Club

Sep 2012Present

Senior Partner

*Host of pre-departure conference
•Physical training schedule written and practical training leader
•Projecting club class and teaching
•Proofreading with 40th anniversary memorial club magazine

SUNNET Technology

Jan 2016Jan 2016


*Product testing
*Demo picture capture
*Accessibility app product prosposal.

Chun-Yu School Restaruant

Sep 2015Dec 2015


*Making foods
*Make drinks and juice
*Collect money at the counter.


Intelligent Iron Man Creativity Contest

Aug 15 2015Aug 18 2015


As the only one volunteer with NTTU Library, I got the chances to visit high school students around the world from the class to class. Intelligent Iron Man Creativity Contest challenge high school students`s creativity and spirit. It was so amazing to see  the class`s transformation. The activity is totally interesting.

Lung Yingtai Cultural Foundation

Oct 19 2013Oct 21 2013


Thanks for senior`s help, I took the chance to Taipei, and see the issues shared and spread from  several colleges. After the presentations, we even had the tea time to talk  with each other. Somebody cared eco, somebody cared environment, and someone cared global politics. The experience was the gate to open my mind.



After having heavy English reading and  dipping in whole English conversation class, the English ability is the essential skill for English Department student. However, this thing cannot happen to every English department school. Re-finding the interest of English and keep on practicing, I`m glad I`m finally free from scared and achieved the upper grade of TOEIC.

Project Management

During the college four years, once had the chance to make team presentation, I usually chose to be the team leader to supervise the team project process. Sometimes, I need to settle and make the conclusion. Thus, every time I can correctly see the final version of our presentation. Every time I make conclusion and make the presentation better, I always got the pleasure.  

Chinese Online Teaching

Under the e-learning Chinese teaching class meticulously designed by Yu Jen-Lien, we easily used the Internet tools to help our pre-class prepare works. Teaching Korean,  American, or ethnic Chinese were totally the different experience. Because of students`s age were not so big, sometimes you must urge and attract students attention than teach them more. And sometimes you need to write e-mail for their parents because they did not come to online class on time. However, in the last few classes you will find the students love your class and all smile at you.  the best experience I ever had.

Weight Trainer

I got the Weight Training Trainer Certification C authorized by Weight training association of R.O.C. At the same time I keep habbit on bodybuilding and take delight in sharing weight training tips with others. And I`m glad to see my friends become fitted, feel more confidence ,and loves sport. Because the happy ever life is base on the healthy body. No pain no gain. Every time we feel pain, we know we will become stronger after all.  

Mountain Clinbing

The club taught me a lot, besides most of the mountain climbing tips, and it`s so wonderful to approach the mountain with guys who love mountains ,too. Mountain climbing experience make my spirit rich. and gave me the lesson to discover the mother nature. No matter how greatly technology grow up, people always rely on mother natures` help to live. The birth, the growth, the death. The mountain was the mentor to guide us know the truth of life. To find the peace, and accept the death.