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Quotes from Assessments

  • A logical and systematic person. A precise thinker and hard worker [...] He has the ability to spot flaws in advance, weigh the pros and the cons and make a firm decision.
  • Mr. Fan is capable of releasing existing approaches and walk different paths in order to achieve his goals. He chooses an approach that fits the situation. (orig. in Dutch)
  • In his approach to a problem definition, his methods are rational and factual. It suits him to overthink past experiences and reflect issues from multiple perspectives. (orig. in Dutch)
  • He incorporates new information in his existing knowledge framework and he is able to critically reflect his own performance. (orig. in Dutch)
  • He is a conscientious man who thinks it is important to do his job well. He has perseverance and follows through to get the job done. (orig. in Dutch) 
  • He honestly wants the best for others and is committed to reach solutions in which all parties can agree on. (orig. in Dutch)

Quotes from Testimonials

"He has proven to be a valuable asset for our company, not only because of his multi-lingual skills, but also of his eagerness and ability to learn new things quickly."

"He has shown to be a very reliable, loyal and hardworking colleague, always striving for the best results for his projects."

"He initiated several new analytical approaches to the results of our Personnel Satisfaction Survey. This resulted in valuable discussions about improvements and action points."

"He showed initiative, was very methodical and persistent in getting his analysis right. Above all he is a very nice colleague to work with and an asset for every team."