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Work experience

Oct 1995Present

Principal Consultant & Owner


Lineberger Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Civil, Structural, Environmental, and Forensic Engineering.   Servicing public and private concerns throughout the State of Texas.

Lineberger Enterprises, Inc.

General Contractor.  Constructed residential dwellings and commercial facilities for various public and private entities within the San Antonio, Texas metropolitan area.



Southwest Texas State University

BS Engineering

Core Competencies

Testifying Expert

10+ Years Experience

Structural and Building Systems Failure, Construction Defects, Errors & Omissions.

Forensics  10+ Years Experience Forensic investigations to determine cause & origin of failures.  Data collection, testing, synthesis, hypothesis development, and reporting.

Civil Engineering

15+ Years Experience

Land Parcel technical assessment and economic feasibility studies.  Municipal plat development, drainage, underground utilities, grading, paving & stormwater management.

Structural Engineering

15+ Years Experience

Concrete foundation design/repair, underpinning design, steel & concrete structural analysis.

Urban Renewal & Development

10+ Years Experience

Residential & Commercial building construction serving public and private business concerns.

Environmental Engineering

10+ Years Experience

Stormwater management plans & permits, Best Management Practice (BMP) design, Water Pollution Abatement Plans (WPAP), Sewer Collection System Plans (SCS), Aquifer Compliance, and Environmental Risk Assessments.

Construction Consulting

15+ Years Experience

Residential, commercial and industrial structural (building foundation, frame & roof) inspections for real estate transactions, windstorm damage, and other catastrophic conditions.


Jeffery L. Lineberger has over twenty-nine years professional engineering and design experience. Mr. Lineberger is a licensed professional engineer in the State of Texas.  His core practice areas include forensic structural engineering, civil engineering, and structural engineering design. Mr. Lineberger is a testifying expert in federal, state, and county court venues.

Earlier Professional Experience

Engineering Project Manager (Jun 1991 - Sep 1995).

Multi-Discipline Power Plant Engineering Project Manager. Power plant engineering/design using combined cycle gas/steam turbine driven prime movers. Former Power Plant design arm of Enron, Inc., Houston, Texas.

Engineering, Supervisory and Technical Management (Jan 1983 - May 1991).

Petrochemical Storage & Transport, Natural Gas Distribution and Pipeline Engineering, Civil & Mechanical Design & Engineering, Structural Design & Engineering and Underground Utility Construction Management.  San Antonio, Texas; Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands; New Orleans, Louisiana; Houston, Texas; and New Braunfels, Texas.

State of Texas Pre-Certifications

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDot): --Group 1 Transportation Systems Planning (1.4.1 Land Planning/Engineering) --Group 2 Environmental Studies (2.5.1 Water Pollution Abatement --Plan) --Group 2 Environmental Studies (2.13.1 Hazardous Material Initial Site Assessment) --Group 14 Geotechnical Services (14.4.1 Building Foundation Studies)


Residential Combination Inspector


Residential Mechanical Inspector


Residential Building Inspector


Residential Plumbing Inspector


Residential Electrical Inspector


Licensed Professional Engineer

State of Texas