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  • Guadalajara, Mexico

Lindy Elizabeth Merwin



Education is a vehicle of change to the quality of life of individuals. My personal mission is to change the way education, especially language learning, is perceived in the classroom through creating connections with students and providing each individual with an opportunity to learn.

Work History


English Professor 

Universidad Panamericana - Centro de Idiomas

The Language Center at the Universidad Panamericana is dedicated to changing the view of language learning and being leaders in using technology to do so.  Through best practices and non-traditional teaching methods students are exposed to practical English and learn to handle the language with accuracy and fluency.

  • Find and adapt various learning materials to fit the needs of students in Advanced language classes.
  • Create hybrid classes in Moodle for online and classroom learning experiences.
  • Establish an atmosphere of respect and comfort to encourage students to use their full expression of the English language. 
  • Guide students through Peer to Peer learning experiences and promote autonomy through independent tasks.
  • Encourage creativity and divergent thinking skills through non-traditional collaborative problem solving projects.

English Professor

Escuela Culinary Internacional

A renowned culinary school in Guadalajara, Mexico that focuses on creating culinary leaders and  entrepreneurs. Students study a range of materials including gastronomy  and business education.

  • Planned, prepared and delivered Advanced level English Classes.
  • Focused lessons on business and culinary English.
  • Provided interactive and challenging tasks for students to develop their daily language skills.
  • Created assessments to monitor student progress. 

Professor - English Education for Teachers

Universidad Del Valle Atemejac

The LEGI program at UNIVA is a program designed to foster teacher education for bi-lingual/ESL schools.  It provides teacher training in English through exploration of the culture and language, as well as provides tools for teachers to take into the classroom.

  • Planned, prepared and delivered instructional activities geared toward teaching methodologies for teaching in a bilingual environment.
  • Provided a variety of learning materials and resources for practical use in classrooms.
  • Facilitated interactive classroom experiences for upcoming teachers through discussions, simulations and pedagogical background.

Lower Elementary School Coordinator

Instutito Thomas Jefferson Campus Valle Real
  • Worked as intermediary between administration and Elementary teachers.
  • Planned and implemented team meetings.
  • Provided continuous support to all Elementary teachers and students.
  • Assisted in teacher training and monitoring including formal observations.
  • Assisted in the development of a new literacy curriculum for Elementary.
  • Provided general support for the new members of the ITJ family during the founding year of the new campus.

Second Grade Homeroom Teacher

Instutito Thomas Jefferson - Campus Palomar

A bilingual preschool through high school in Guadalajara, Mexico that promotes 21st century skills and aims to create global citizens and positive leaders through their guiding principals of respect, self-esteem and excellence.

  • Structured and designed creative lesson plans used to teach a diverse group of students and subjects.
  • Developed interdisciplinary PBL projects aimed at imitating real life challenges.
  • Frequently monitored and assessed the learning of all students and adjust instruction to better meet their needs.
  • Established and promoted a classroom environment that was safe, respectful, flexible, and conducive to learning.
  • Fostered strong parent-teacher relations.
  • Observed and evaluated student's performance and development.

Assistant Preschool Teacher

The Christopher House, Chicago Illinois 

A non-profit preschool in Chicago’s inner city, working with families to build a thriving environment for the children. An arts integrated – Reggio Emilia based school.

  •  Established a Preschool Curriculum of Science, Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies. Differentiated curriculum for 3, 4 and 5 year olds.
  •  Created and implemented a daily class schedule.
  • Applied the Illinois learning standards and benchmarks.
  • Created assessments and curriculum goals.
  • Adapted lessons and small group instruction for a variety of learners.
  •  Integrated music and art into lessons.
  • Helped plan and organize field trips for students and community projects for families.
  • Planned hands-on activities and projects.
  • Led parent teacher conferences.
  • Instructed lessons in English and Spanish.



Masters in Education

Framingham State University –Massachusetts

Masters in education with a focus in International Education.
The program focused on educating students from preschool though higher education. Primairly focucing on how to differentiate depending on the international student’s needs


Bachelors in Early Childhood Education and Child Development 

Columbia College Chicago -  The Harris Center for Early Childhood Education 

ECE Teacher Certification: Type 04
The program combines an arts integrated professional education core with an emphasis on the Reggio Emilia Approach and a focused study in the visual arts, performing arts, or language and culture. 

Minor: Literature


Independent Spanish Classes

Spanish Horizons

Practicum Experience

Thomas J. Waters, Chicago, Il.                                                                                                     2009 - 2010

  • Responsible for all aspects of teaching in a 3rd grade classroom including planning and implementing curriculum, assessments and classroom management in a diverse Chicago Public school. Experience with Story Town, Trail Blazers, Guided Reading and Literature Circles.
  • Designed a creative writing unit to foster creative and emotional development.
  • Worked directly with my mentor teacher during parent teacher conferences.
  • Helped proctor the 3rd grade I-SAT test. Designed practice work for students prior the test.
  • Participated in School wide fund raising events.

Chicago Laboratory School                                                                                                          2008-2009

  • Designed and implemented a 2 week curriculum on Cats and Dogs based on The ideas of the students during a 15 week student teaching placement.
  • Responsible for group time discussions and art based activities.
  • Assisted the teacher and co-teachers with daily activities and lessons.
  • Documented, assessed, an adapted curriculum to a variety of students abilities.
  • Assisted students in developing their creativity and self-expression through various art forms and media.


WIESCO Summer Language Camp, Plunge Lithuania                                                                    2009
A volunteer organization that facilitates summer camps in Eastern Europe. Based out of Wisconsin.

  • Lead Teacher in the 16-18 year old classroom.
  • Designed Lessons for students ages 11-18 based around language, literacy and critical thinking.
  • Designed and facilitated extracurricular activities for the camp.



Proficient in Microsoft Office, Googledocs, Web design, Prezi, Smartboard Technology, Edline, and Moodle.

Curriculum Development

Assisted in many different levels of curriculum development, mainly in the area of Language Arts/Literacy.


Upper Intermediate Spanish. High proficiency in conversational, reading and written Spanish.


Both led and participated in different size groups and committees throughout my teaching career.