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Over 10 years experience in all phases of software development life cycle, including prototyping, user interface design, internationalization, accessibility, and responding to customer issues. Specializing in front-end development, including Web applications and Java code for Swing clients. Enthusiastic team player, strong attention to detail, and track record of producing high quality code on time.  Extensive and varied knowledge and experience, including:       

Languages:    JavaScript / AngularJS / jQuery / Java / JSP / XML / C++ / Ant / SQL

Internet:          HTML5 / XHTML / CSS3 / SVG / Web Services / Ajax

Platforms:      Unix / Linux / Windows / GlassFish (J2EE) / Tomcat


  • U.S. Patent 6,664,974 awarded – “Method for using multipurpose internet mail extension types for automatically detecting Scalable Vector Graphics support in client browsers".
  • Co-author of front page article in XML Journal – "Directory Lookup with WML and SVG Clients".

Work experience


Senior Web Software Engineer

  • Developed multiple prototypes of a web site to organize photos and video content, using Scrum Agile methodologies. This project utilized AngularJS, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, Git/SVN, and responsive design to support various devices. This was a high-profile and innovative Internet of Things product.
  • Worked on a common configurable sharing widget that was used by Nokia’s highly visible customer-facing websites for Maps and Store. Contributions included writing internationalized and accessibility-supported JavaScript, HTML in a Smarty template, and CSS.
  • Created a company-wide web site header that was configured to display in various countries and languages.  This included supporting Right-to-Left languages, to accommodate more customers worldwide.
Oct 19942009

Software Engineer

Sun Microsystems

Project SocialSite, 2008-2009

  • Created OpenSocial gadgets that enable developers to add Web 2.0 social networking features to any web site. OpenSocial gadgets are XML files which consist primarily of JavaScript and CSS. This project was open-sourced at
  • Utilized jMaki's Ajax capabilities and JSP. Took on extra responsibilities to meet schedule by assisting with SocialSite's REST-based web services APIs.

Social Software for GlassFish & Sun Web Developer Pack, 2006-2008

  • Created GUI-driven installers utilizing Java and XML. Wrote custom panels in Swing and an Ant build script to install Web 2.0 technologies that enable next generation Web application development, into Web containers such as GlassFish. This increased customer adoption of Sun server products.

Java Web Services Developer Pack (JWSDP), 2001-2006

  • Used Java, XML, and InstallShield MultiPlatform to create a GUI-driven installer for an award-winning web services development framework.  Wrote custom panels in AWT and Swing to install JWSDP technologies onto multiple OSs.
  • Designed and developed a standalone Swing client application for end users to "call back" a Sun server to provide news updates about JWSDP since the user's last visit. This increased customer awareness of the product and provided Sun with information about the users' hardware and software.
  • Co-presented a JWSDP hands-on lab at JavaOne 2006 for 100+ developers which was well received.
  • Developed high quality Java code for the JWSDP Registry Server based on the UDDI specification, which contributed to the success of JWSDP.
  • Delivered attachment support for JAX-RPC written in Java on time, despite an aggressive schedule that gave little time to learn the technologies.
  • Awards received: "Web Service or Related Tool of the Year", "Best Framework for SOA and Web Services", "Best SOA or XML Training"

XML Technology Center, 1999-2001

  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Evangelist - promoted XML to developers
    • Developed SVG applications and sample images to demonstrate its capabilities, including the SVG Slide Toolkit which renders presentations in SVG.
    • Presented at many highly visible conferences including XML 2000, XML Europe, and JavaOne.
    • Patent awarded.
  • Used JSP and Tag Libraries to create an ebXML Registry/Repository web application on Tomcat.
  • Created the UI for the XML.ORG repository, using JSP, JDBC, and SQL. This involved a joint effort with Documentum and OASIS.

AnswerBook2, 1994-1999

  • Created a proof-of-concept prototype GUI for AnswerBook3, the next generation Sun online help tool, using XSLT. Concepts were later integrated into
  • Used TCL and EBT's DynaWeb technology to produce the HTML-generated UI for AnswerBook2. Despite last-minute changes in requirements and team members, delivered quality product on deadline for Solaris release.
  • Utilized C++ and Motif to develop the initial AnswerBook2 incarnation.  This version was not released, but provided valuable GUI experience.


Bachelor of Science

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Honors: Dean's List, Rensselaer Scholarship