About Lindsey Stone

An experienced human services provider based in Massachusetts, Lindsey Stone currently teaches communication and life skills to children and young adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). She conducts one-on-one teaching sessions and assists clients through the use of behavior modification techniques, including applied behavior analysis (ABA) and applied verbal behavior (AVB) training. In addition, Lindsey Stone is studying to earn a degree in psychology at Cape Cod Community College.

Stone spent the early years of her career as a cashier and department manager at a retail store. At the suggestion of her cousin, she interviewed for a position at May Institute and began working in human services. Since then, she has enjoyed a fulfilling career helping children and adults with learning disabilities.

In her personal life, Lindsey Stone enjoys sampling foods from cultures throughout the world. Although she considers American food such as burgers among her favorites, she is usually willing to try any type of food at least once. Over the years, she has tried delicacies such as frog legs, squid ink paella, chicken hearts, Rocky Mountain oysters, and more. During a trip to Spain, Stone developed a taste for Spanish tapas such as patatas bravas.

Lindsey Stone also enjoys water skiing and playing recreational tennis in her leisure time. She completed 14 5k races in a single summer and hopes to repeat the feat. When it comes to watching professional sports, Lindsey Stone prefers tennis, though she also watches basketball and hockey from time to time. She attended the 2012 U.S. Open and had an opportunity to see the electrifying Women’s Final between Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka.




Cape Cod Community College