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Career Goal

An esteemed position as a certified nursing assistant working with the employees and patients of Bright View to deliver exceptional medical care in the rehabilitation setting. 

Hospital Rehabilitation, Long Term Care Facilities, Outpatient Primary Care Practice and Home care

Accomplished leader with record of achievement in nursing combined with success in marketing and public relations. Experience encompasses delivering quality, patient-centric care, with specialist skills in Intensive Care, Reconstructive Surgery and Emergency Medicine. Strong capacity to lead teams and collaborate with clinicians to devise and develop care plans. Demonstrated ability to consistently monitor regulatory procedures to ensure standards are met and surpassed. Talented educator recognized for guiding, mentoring and training student nurses and new graduates. Offers additional transferable skills in strategic planning, communication methodologies and data analysis gleaned from experience working in U.S. and European healthcare markets.


  •   Respect patient confidentiality and privacy
  • Electrocardiograms
  •  Fo!ey Catheter care
  • Fall prevention
  • Pre/Post Operative Care
  • Vital Sign Measurement
  • Compassionate
  • Care Plan follow through
  • Infection  Control
  • Universal Precautions

Key Qualifications

  • Worked in a broad range of medical departments including ICU, PACU, CCU and ER, working with and leading teams in the delivery of high standards of patient care.
  • Managed and maintained safe clinical environment, continuously assessing area to ensure regulatory standards and organization policies were met.
  • Collaborated with medical professionals to devise and implement care plans.
  • Closely monitored physiological and psychological health and reported changes to Nurse or Physician , along with completing corrective procedures when required.
  • Managed the call light system ensuring timely and effective assistance
  • Provided direction to nursing and auxiliary teams, scheduled duty rosters and assigned tasks.
  • Perceptively and proactively fulfilled role as Preceptor to student nurses and new graduates, guiding and mentoring them on medical procedures, policy application and holistic nursing practice.

Additional Professional Experience


Nurse Aide Certification

American Red Cross

Successfully completed the competancy evaluation  as a Long-Term Care Facility Nurse Aide

Relavant Experience


Staff / Charge Nurse, Nurse Preceptor


Ensured high levels of patient-centric care in the ICU, PTCA, post-CABG and ER units. Worked collaboratively with teams of medical professionals on care plan development; managed execution of care plans and patient evaluations. Utilized strong critical thinking skills to respond efficiently and promptly to rapid changes in patient condition. 

  • Coordinated and conducted rigorous monitoring of patients, checking and recording vitals and ensuring that patient comfort was optimized.
  • Monitored medical equipment and life support devices including, pulse oximeter, heart monitors and ventilators.
  • Managed IVs, chest tubes, catheters and endotracheal tubes, closely monitoring to ensure proper functioning.
  • Provided training to student nurses and new graduates, guiding and evaluating performance.

Circulating / PACU Nurse


Supported patients in recovery post surgery, consistently delivering exemplary and holistic care to maximize patient comfort and ensure treatment and recovery plans were clearly established. 

  • Educated patients on recovery process and provided them with guidance in response to inquiries.
  • Managed wound dressings and administered medication to assist in pain management and healing.
  • Monitored environment to ensure that levels of cleanliness were above statutory and company regulatory requirements.

Rehab Aide

Shaughnessey Kaplan Rehabilitation Hospital

 Salem, MA                                                       



Clinical Medical Assistant

Millennium Training Institute

Clinical and administrative medical assistant certification awarded. Grade point average 3.60 phlebotomy, medical terminology, keyboardi g and clinical externship comp!eted


Certified Nursing Assistant Certificate

North Shore Medical Center Nurse Aide Training Program

Completed class room and clinical rotations with the Director of Nurse Education