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Work experience

May 2011Aug 2011


KSA Interior Design

I was open- minded to learning about the tricks of the trade, while using my skills obtained in my communication major to be there for assistance. I created organizational tools to track their marketing materials, as well as increased their business development by researching and formatting spreadsheets. I also helped promote and market their ASID White Elephant Event, while finding caterers and donors.

Jan 2011Mar 2011


Longwood Lancer Line

I used advanced interpersonal communication skills while calling alumni, parents, and contributors.  I always had a positive attitude even though people were not always happy to hear from us. I used my education in Conflict Communication to deal with certain situations that occur with upset callers, while trying to push for contributions to better our University.


Aug 2008May 2012

Bachelor of Arts

Longwood University

During my time here at Longwood, I have been faced with many challenges, both acdemic and personal that could have easily stopped me from earning a college degree. I have overcome most of those challenges and will be reaching my goal of graduating in a few short months.

They say, "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" and I am a belieiver in that.


Time Management and Organization Skills
I have the ability to prioritize my time effectively, while multitasking. I am extremely organized and that is shown in my work.
Research Abilities
During my undergraduate years at Longwood University I have been given the opportunities to conduct personal research for the purpose of completing assignments and tasks.  This includes the use of online catalogs, survey distribution, data analysis, focus group facilitation and interviews.  I have experience using APA, MLA and Chicago styles of writing and citation.
Independent Event Planning
Event planning is my career choice; I feel that it comes naturally to me. Event planning is a way to express creativity, display organization skills, while putting on a fun event for all involved to enjoy.
Microsoft Excell
I work very well with organizating and filling out spreadsheets, especially under pressure in a fast past office setting. Although, it is not a hard task, it is extremely important for companies to stay organized and up to date with their information.

Independent Work and Resume

Work Samples from Longwood

Postion Descriptions

 I am currently seeking a full time event coordinating job that expresses my creativity and interpersonal communication skills. However, I do have skills in strategic marketing, crisis communication, and conducting organizational communication audits.


My name is Lindsay Burgess and I am an undergraduate student and senior at Longwood University studying Communication Studies with a concentration in Organizational Communication & Public Relations. This web-page contains my portfolio of work that I have completed as an undergraduate as well as my current and past employment history.


I spend my free time boating on the Rappahanock river, visiting OBX, spending time with friends and family, reading, and traveling.