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Lindsay Tarutis

Creative Director / Human Services / Life Coach & Mentor

Work History


Lead Creative Director/ Teacher

Southside Family Charter School

Create, plan and implement creative and artistic activities that help empower through expression and wisdom. Observe,  engage and mentor. Participate in activities, guiding behavior as sought and needed to ensure safety and well-being. Assist in conflict resolution to meet the developmental needs of students and faculty members. Lead small and large groups through transitions. Meet with members for reflection, planning and support. 


General Opperation and Promotion

Hifi Records /Go Johnny Go/ Minnesota Music Museum

Record and shop clerk and team member. Inventory, intake, sales, marketing and promotions. Music enthusiast and educator. Budget and purchasing.


Lead Member

Cirque Of Quirk

Local non-profit organization helping bridge and empower individuals and community through education, events, planning, drives and donations. 


Life Coach and Care Attendant 


Helping individuals and families in continued planning, rehabilitation, empowerment, care and growth. One on one and small group assistance in daily living and life skills, transportation, counseling, meal planning and prep, cleaning, activities and goals.


Graduate Diploma

Champlin Park

Generals with advance study in child care occupations and social science. Hired off internship. Independent study process along with work/education program. 

Dialectic Behavioral Skills Training

DBT Associates

Mindfulness techniques helping individuals and groups through crisis and conflict resolutions. Cognitive studies and their connections to behavioural patterns and redirecting negative behaviors. Counseling and therapeutic mindfulness and meditation with goal driven outcomes.

Certified First Response/CPR/AED

Red Cross

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, proper  automated external defibrillator and provide out-of-hospital care in medical emergencies from basic first aid to life support.

Education Enthusiast

School Of Life

Through experience, self studying and application I have obtained knowledge and skills that no certificate or degree could possibly instil. While yes on paper I may not look like an ideal candidate I assure you in action I potentially could be one of your best assets and players.