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Recently returning to the US from Japan, I am a student studying Networking and Computing Systems at Bellevue College. I am seeking a full or part time position in order to pursue my passion for technology, utilize my current skill set and advance my skills further in the field of information technology.

Work History

Aug 2014Present

Night Shift Management

Quality Food Centers

Upon returning the US, I was asked to return to QFC at previous pay and seniority. Currently I am substituting for our ill graveyard manager, with a promotion to assistant day manager when he resumes his duties. Current duties include:

  • Store lead for late night hours.
  • Breaking down freight loads and stocking shelves.
  • Maintaining inventory and backstock.
Apr 2013Jul 2014

English Instructor


I taught English to Japanese high school students at South Soka High School in Japan.  Some lessons were taught in co-operation with the Japanese teachers of English and others were solo lessons. Job functions performed:

  • Created lesson plans, activities and games for the current lessons.
  • Lead the school English club and coached them to an all-city victory in debate.
  • Coached students to prepare for college entrance exams, including advising of their English essays as well as pronunciation and tones.
  • Helped to create quizzes and tests, including creating mock college-entry style tests to prepare the students.
  • Spoke to the community at school events as well as at nursing homes and community centers as a cultural representative of the US.
  • Held parent-student conferences alongside the Japanese teachers of English about student progress and difficulties.
  • Translated and proofread English documents, as well as being the liaison between English speaking parents and Japanese school staff.
Apr 2011Jun 2013

Assistant Language Teacher


I visited various Elementary schools through the Saitama area of Japan to hold English lessons with students of all grades. Unlike higher education, the goal was to provide “fun-time with English” to foster enjoyment and appreciation of other languages, rather than grammar drills.

  • Wrote original lesson plans and trained Japanese teachers in their role in the classroom.
  • Made exciting games and activities to help students enjoy learning English, including songs, outdoor activities and celebrations of cultural events.
  • Lead classes teaching elementary school teachers grammar basics to be taught in class.
  • Spoke at cultural assemblies as a representative of US culture and answered audience questions.
  • Facilitated communication between foreign parents with limited Japanese skills and Japanese school staff.
Jun 1999Mar 2011

Front End Supervisor

Quality Food Centers

Starting as a courtesy clerk during high school, I was promoted and trained to perform various roles throughout store operations, changing whenever needed. Duties included:

  • Maintain prompt checkout service, resolved customer service issues, delegated responsibilities to other front end employees, services registers, distributed and collected cash and maintain the front end schedule.
  • Trained new associates in store policies, customer service interactions, emergency procedures and reviewed performance at regular intervals.
  • When needed, performed solo manager role for evening shifts. Resolved customer service issues, closed-out registers and counted cash, and oversaw all other store associates.
  • Maintained store price file integrity, ran sale batches and price rollovers.
  • Oversaw delivery and inventory of product to the store, maintained .inventory management, directed vendors, managed store reclamation.


Sep 2008Aug 2010

Bachelors of Arts: Global Studies

University of Washington

Minor in Japanese. Degree studies included intercultural communication, global economics and language. Final GPA 3.77

Sep 2005Jun 2008

Associates of Arts and Sciences: Direct Transfer

Bellevue College

General college studies degree for transfer to a four year institution. Focus included math and language studies. Final GPA 3.71


Sep 2014Present


Covers the maintenance of PCs, mobile devices, laptops, operating systems and printers.
Sep 2014Present

MTA: Networking

Demonstrates competency in essential networking hardware, protocols and configurations.
Sep 2014Present

MTA: Windows Operating Systems

Demonstrates ability to install, configure and maintain Windows installations.

Technology and Leadership

While attending Bellevue High School, I was one of the founding members of the Webmasters. Beyond creating the first student-run website for the school, we also provided support to the student users of the computer lab with logging in, application issues and technical advice. In addition, we were often called upon by the staff to give demonstrations to various classes using the lab on how to access computer resources, save their data and follow computer lab policies.

Freelance and Volunteer Work

I built my first computer system with the money I earned delivering newspapers when I was 15. Ever since then, I have build over a hundred of systems for friends, family, co-workers and as volunteer work. I have a wealth of experience dealing with troubleshooting and repairing desktop systems.

My job as a Assistant English Teacher often sent me to small rural schools. As the Japanese countryside depopulates, school budgets grow tighter and tighter. At North Shiraoka Elementary School, I returned on my own time during summer to help update all their computers to Windows 7, network classroom computers and install wireless access points in the school.