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I have just graduated from school in Medical Billing and Coding and am looking forward to starting my new careeer.  I have over 22 years in law enforcement records, and which I believe those skills will help me in my new path.


I am a recent graduate in Medical Coding and Billing and I am looking forward to starting my new career path.  I have over 22 years in law enforcement records and through this experience have become very detail-oriented and believe that this experience will help me in my new career path.  I am very dedicated to every challenge that I take on, whether it is related to my work or personal life, and take responsiblity for everything that I am involved in.  I am recently married and, at that time, became a step-mother and grandmother and I have enjoyed this new challenge in my life.  I have participated in many fund-raising walks and events to support local and medical charities, and I enjoy meeting new people and helping in these events. 


First and foremost, my husband, family and friends.  We have two dogs; an 8 year old wire-haired terrier mix and a 5 month old yorkshire terrier and I love taking them for walks or just playing with them.  I also have participated in several money-raising walks to help both local and national foundations and I just love meeting people and joining them in a mission to help those in need, some of which I've done with friends and family which just adds to the enjoyment of the events.  I love to spend time outside, especially in the spring and summer, and this year we've planted a garden and I really enjoy watching it grow and sharing the products of my labor.  I have also been members of many organizations through my jobs and enjoy meeting new members and the sharing of information within these groups.  It is my belief that you don't really know anything unless you're able to share it.  And I truly enjoy sharing anything I have to offer; knowledge, time, friendships, and most of all caring. 


Michael Guthrie

Mike was my supervisor, Chief of Police, during my tenure at the Evans Police Department.

Leah Heneger

Leah & I have known each other for several years.  We both worked at the Weld County Sheriff's Office and, several years after I had been working at the Evans Police Department, she was hired ast the Court Clerk.  She and I are also very good friends.

Chris Foster

Chris was my instructor in the medical coding & billing program

Work experience

Records/Booking Clerk

Weld County Sheriff's Office

Data entry of police report and interview information.  Booking and release of custodial arrests, during my shift, with the county; including data entry of arrest information and property.  Answer phones and release of police records.

Jan 2000Nov 2006

Police Records Supervisor

Thornton Police Department

Supervision of 10 records specialists, including review of their daily work for accuracy.  As well as, evaluation of these employees, including Annual Progress Reports and counseling/reprimands, when necessary.  This included the monthly scheduling of employees in a 24-hour environment, which included vacation and time-off requests. 

I was one of three Thronton Project Managers towards the selection/implementation of a new records management system (RMS) that was selected to be used by all poice agencies within the county.  This included the selection of the soflware program, review and corrections of data from the old RMS system that was going to be imported into the new system.  I also created and wrote a 3-month training program, for the records specialists, as well as the presentation of this training program to my employees, as well as other records employees from other agencies within the county.  I also assisted with the training of all other police personnel on the use of the new RMS system. 

Oct 1989Dec 1999

Records/IT Specialist

Evans Police Department

I was given the task for selecting, installation and implementation of a networked computer system; which included taking assorted computer classes, research and visiting of other police departments to review the police software systems they were using, installation and networking of several computers, as well as the selection of assorted software needs and installation of the programs.  I also created and presented training, specific to individual needs, for all department members.  As well as, doing the same thing when it was decided to use mobile computer systems in the police vehicles.  I was also in charge for the training of all department members for update/refresher classes follwing State/Federal requirements.  As well as, the upkeep, upgrades and repair of all computer hardware and software products.  I also assisted with the data entry and handling of all police records and the retention of these records by State/Federal guidelines, as well as answering phones, citizen contact, records release and some dispatching


Aug 2008Jun 2009


Career Step / Emily Griffith Opportunity School

Graduated with High Honors

*  Studies include Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology, Pharmacology, Healthcare Reimbursement, ICD-9-CM coding, CPT coding, and much more.

*  Coding experience include coding 1,000 medical reports in all medical specialities and all types of medical reports, i.e., physician progress notes, operative notes, consultation, etc., utilizing encoder software program.

Feb 2007Feb 2007

Psychological 1st Aid Training

South Heartland District Health Department

Received 4.5 contact hours



Colorado Bureau of Investigation

I had to receive certification through CCIC/NCIC in order to have access to the State/Federal Crime Information system throughout my tenure in law enforcement.  I had to re-certifiy every two years.



Colorado Certified Records Network

I was part of the first group of police records employees to be certified, following state acceptance of this certification program.


Records Management Certification

State of Colorado

Received my Records Management Certification while at the Thornton Police Department


I took assorted computer classes, both hardware and software, to assist me in the installation and setup of a network system and computers

Aug 1984Jun 1985

Completed first year towards assosciates degree towards veterinarian technician


Data Entry
I have many, many years of experience with data entry.  I started working in a jail and with these skills I was able to book an arrestee in about 4-6 minutes, whereas the standard was 13-25 minutes.  I have also transcribed recorded statements/interviews, as well as inputting police reports.  It has always been my personal goal to do this with little or no errors in the final product, which I have continued to achieve.  In my last position it was not my responsibility to do the data entry, but instead to review data input by my employees for errors and to ensure that the corrections were made. 
Computer Software
I have been involved with computers for over 20 years.  I started when I was accepted into a National Math & Science summer program, when I was 15, where there were only 20 students accepted throughout the Country.  And, I wrote my first computer program.  Throughout the years following, I have used a multitude of software programs, some have been specialized, and I feel comfortable with all programs, even if I haven't used it before I can figure it out in a very short time. 
I have typed throughout my working career, and adult life, and my speed in about 80+ wpm.  I have many years of experience on both manual and electric typewriters, as well as computers.
Medical Billing & Coding
I have just recently graduated from school, but during my studies I have coded 1,000 medical reports in all medical specialties and all types of medical reports.


Medical Coding