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As Chair of the international humanitarian agency Mercy Corps, Linda Mason supports relief and development efforts in some of the world’s most challenging environments. The $300 million-organization operates in over 40 countries, including Afghanistan, Darfur, Iraq, and North Korea, and serves more than 17 million people through economic development, emergency response, food security, health, microfinancing, and many other programs. In addition to traditional chair responsibilities such as strategic planning and fund development, Linda Mason is a valuable on-the-ground ambassador for Mercy Corps, frequently traveling to the agency’s zones of operation and engaging with aid workers, locals, and government representatives alike. Her recent trips have focused on Middle Eastern countries making the transition to democracy and stability, and upcoming visits will include the West Bank and Gaza as Mercy Corps works to support the development of the Palestinian technology industry.A longtime believer in humanitarian ideas and efforts, Linda Mason gained her first practical experience of relief work after her graduation from the Yale School of Management in 1980, when she traveled to Cambodia in the wake of the Vietnamese invasion. Working in refugee camps along the Thai border, she directed feeding programs for malnourished children, a yearlong experience which led to the 1983 book Rice, Rivalry, and Politics: Managing Cambodian Relief, which she co-authored with her fellow worker, and later husband, Roger Brown.Following her work in Cambodia, Linda Mason has supported and initiated many relief and development efforts both abroad and in the United States. In Sudan in the mid-1980s, she created national relief programs for famine victims as Co-Country Director of Save the Children’s Sudanese emergency program. She also directed emergency services for two refugee camps along the Eritrean border. Turning her attention to social innovations needed at home, Mason co-founded Bright Horizons Family Solutions in 1986, an organization which establishes and manages childcare centers and early childhood education programs for major corporations and institutions. Today, Bright Horizons operates in 45 states and several European countries, and serves more than 80,000 families worldwide.

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