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VMware Virtualization Certification, Hypervisor, Oracle Database Administration, Oracle Internet Directory, and Hyperion. To utilize my accumulated professional and higher-level academic knowledge and multi-faceted experience for strategic planning and optimization of company IT infrastructure resources.


Seeking a position as UNIX / LINUX Systems Administrator utilizing VMware Virtualization.


Senior UNIX Systems Administrator of 12 years Certified in SUN Solaris, and LINUX Systems Administration, plus a Masters degree in Information Systems Security. Extensive experience working in large scale eCommerce production environments encompassing all aspects of systems hardware / software implementation, support, external and internal facing applications, LAN operating systems, management, storage administration, upgrading, maintenance, enterprise-wide data security to mitigate data security risks, reconfiguration and performance tuning to optimize performance, proven diagnostic skills, able to provide clear concise communication with project team members, and experienced working with third parties. Strong technical and process driven approach learned and practiced through advanced academics, professional certifications, and many years working within technical marketplace.


Randy Lind

Former Supervisor @ AT&T Mobility

Angel Vega

Former Coworker @ AT&T Mobility

Don Moilan

Former Supervisor @ Expedia


Technical Skills
UNIX: SUN Solaris 8,9,10, OpenSolaris, HP-UX, FreeBSD LINUX: RedHat, SuSE, CentOS, Ubuntu, Puppy, Debian, Mandriva, TurboLinux Shells/Scripting: Bash, Bourne, C, Korn, Perl Hardware: E4500, E450, E220, E250, SUNfire v220, v240, v280, v440, v880, SUN Sparc 10/20, Ultra 5/10, Netra 1125, NetApp 520 / 540 / 740, Lightwave Remote Consoles, Lantronix SecureLinx, Terminal Servers, SUN & PC network cards, SUN FDDI cards, JNIC, Qlogic, Novell Network LANalyzer, Data General Network Sniffer Mainframe: AS400, MVS, JES3 / IPL, JCL, IMS, SAP R/3, Controlm Database: Oracle8, SUN MySQL, SQL*Plus, PL / SQL, Toad for Oracle 9.5 Disk/File Mgmt: VERITAS Storage Foundation, VERITAS Cluster Server(VCS), VERITAS Volume Manager(VxVM), VERITAS File System(VxFS), SUN Solstice Disk Suite and SVM, NIS, NFS, DNS, LDAP, FTP, Secure FTP, SUN ONE Directory Server Console 5.2, Vtier File Systems Management Backup/Storage: Veritas NetBackup, EMC, BudTool, NetApp Filer OS 5.3, A5200 DLT storage devices, Hitachi D1000 storage arrays Monitoring: ProactiveNet, BMC Patrol Central, Patrol Express, Patrol Console Manager, Nagios, NetBackup Console Manager, HP Openview, Big Brother, AlarmPoint, Simple Event Viewer Tracking: Remedy, Clarify CRM, HP Service Desk Network: TCPdump, Traceroute, Snort, NIS, DNS Lookup, WireShark, Nmap, NetStat, OpenSSH/SSL Web: SharePoint, CWiki, HTML, PHP, Apache, MS FrontPage, WebLogic, WebSphere Interoperability Tools: VMware, SUN ONE Directory Server, Centrify, Lotus Notes, Domino, Citrix MetaFrame Access Client, Samba, Exceed / Maestro, Savvion Business Process Manager (BPM) Studio, Eclipse, Tuxedo, NDM Connect Direct, PC NetLink, NetConnect, F-Secure, Cygwin, WebEx, NetMeeting, Live Meeting, VNC Viewer, WinSCP, PuTTY, SecureCRT Novell: Novell Netware 4.x, Netware SQL Office Tools: MS Office Suite 2007, Outlook 2007, Adobe Acrobat, Visio, StarOffice8, PortableApps, OpenOffice3  

Work experience

Feb 2009Feb 2009

Veritas Infrastructure Specialist

  • Contract by IBM for special 40 hour project at Verizon to install and configure Veritas Storage Foundation on clustered IBM Blades running RHEL4_x86_64 for Oracle 10g per customer requirements resulting in Verizon Customer's access to new Wallpapers for cell phones.
Nov 2008Feb 2009

LINUX / UNIX Systems Administrator

  • Provide operational Tier 3 support services for Enterprise Linux and UNIX systems for host security, performance analysis, disk space management, network issues, and hardware failures.
  • Install and configure tools such as ProactiveNet Agents for host monitoring, Netbackup Agents for storage management, Centrify for managing Active Directory and LDAP.
  • Setup and utilize networked kickstart environments and package management via Redhat Network Services and SuSE AutoYast.
  • Document operational policies, procedures, and routine tasks to leverage tier 1 NOC support.
Jul 2007Aug 2008

LDAP Administrator

AT&T Mobility
  • Maintain ongoing operations, provide technical support of multiple eCommerce platforms in large-scale, corporate enterprise IT environment utilizing host/Vtier file systems on Solaris 9/10, Oracle 9i/10g, WebLogic.
  • Perform in-depth problem solving, advanced troubleshooting utilizing UNIX shell/Perl Scripting, SQL queries to provide root cause analysis.
  • Utilize Sun ONE Directory Server Console to analyze problems, implement necessary changes, adjust performance tuning, i.e. Load Balancing distribution, CPU Utilization, number of Connections, taking proxy servers in/out of proxy rotation.
  • Analyze source of Patrol, Telalert, Nagios, alert messages for issues related to Subscriber ID Mgmt, Employee Enterprise Directory, Push-To-Talk, Authentication & Identity Manager platform for single sign on ability, Identity Data Management infrastructure for Employees, Enterprise Directory Subscriber Access Tool, Virtual Repository Interface, and Reconciliation.
Nov 2006Jul 2007

UNIX Systems Administrator

Capital One Auto Finance
  • Contract by IBM Global Technology Services to Capital One Auto Finance to manage / support production UNIX systems / networks for eCommerce customer platform.
  • Utilize Veritas Foundation Suite HA to implement high availability services, verify failover/fallback for application, storage, network services.
  • Support Veritas Volume Manager(VxVM), Veritas Cluster Server(VCS), Veritas File System(VxFS).
  • Created LUNS to increase storage space on Fibre Channel SAN storage, upgraded latest HBA Fcode, Dynamic Multipathing drivers, EMC Symmetrix disk arrays.
  • Install / configure SSH, SUDO, EMC Power path, Veritas Dynamic multipathing.
  • Conduct monthly SOX Security compliance audits through use of Nezumi scans on all Enterprise Solaris systems, corrected found anomalies.
  • Install upgraded Sun Security patches to maintain compliance for auditing.
  • Implement Connect Direct newly created rules through use of F-Secure, Windows File Agent Configuration software, VERITAS clustering commands.
Jun 2003Nov 2006

UNIX Systems Administrator

Texas Instruments
  • UNIX Systems Administrator and Tier 1 support for Texas Instruments Lewisville Data Center infrastructure environment of 500-600 Solaris8/10 systems, IBM Mainframe, Windows 2000 & XP, and Linux systems.
  • Monitor and manage administrative support of UNIX environment through BMC Patrol, NetBackup, Domino, Lotus Notes, Remedy; IP Monitor for Windows; Spectrum for Networking; Controlm for UNIX batch processing and IMS. Mainframe support JES3 / IPL and JCL, MVS, TSO, SAP R/3, AS400 with CA-7.
  • Utilize VMware to run multiple OSes like Solaris on top of Linux and Windows without a reboot in order to test out new applications, configurations and easily transfer data from other file systems.
  • Create disaster recovery procedures and participate in annual disaster recovery exercises.
Nov 2002Jun 2003

Business Analyst / UNIX Administrator

  • Implement projects from code development cycle to production implementation through deployment phase.
  • Software implementation included; WebLogic, Apache, NDM Connect Direct, Samba, DB2 database, Java to Application servers.
  • Handle Solaris OS Configuration, vendor patch installation / management, load balancing, automation-monitoring / job scheduling, product packaging / Kit building, UNIX system administration, and Design Infrastructure Architecture.
  • Write Comprehensive Environmental Documentation, Support, and Operational Procedures for Pre-Production and Production.
  • Configure hardware environments for user acceptance testing, system testing, and development, and work with system operations groups to ensure timely and correct system deployment.
  • Work with developers to plan, conduct system stress tests, assist with developing code drop procedures and schedules.
Mar 2000Aug 2001

UNIX Systems Administrator

@Link Networks Inc

(Start-Up Company: Provider of Virtual Private Networks & DSL services to medium / small business market in Southwest and Midwest.) *Note: Company closed due to loss of business.

  • UNIX Systems Administrator for all company UNIX operations, as well as numerous Oracle and Windows related projects.
  • Build/Jumpstart/Install servers from scratch.
  • Assess business needs, configure UNIX operating systems, install software, and implement multiple database systems during a period of rapid expansion.
  • Research, recommend and implement technologies which significantly improve business and system performance i.e. customized Samba server which enables communication between Common Internet File System clients and allows UNIX and Windows systems to share drives and printers.
  • Implement automated backup system utility for incremental, weekly, and monthly backup processes for local and remote servers.
  • Configure and install Veritas Volume Manager to better handle increase in disk volumes on the E4500 UNIX systems.
  • Install Apache web server for implementation of the company Intranet.
  • Team with Oracle DBA on wide range of troubleshooting, re-engineering and operations issues to optimize multi-tier applications with client, server and database processes.
Jul 1996Mar 2000

UNIX Systems Administrator

  • Manage systems domain consisting of 200+ UNIX boxes running multiple projects and applications for 160 internal customers on multi-vendor distributed processing environment encompassing NetApp network file servers, computation servers and application servers for the Surface Electro Optics Group.
  • Build Solaris systems by both CDROM and Jumpstart to load Solaris OS on new systems, configure disk partitioning, swap, and memory allocation.
  • Conduct capacity planning, performance monitoring / tuning, and hardware / software installs and upgrades.
  • Collapse and migrate 80 Sun systems networks onto single NetApp drive space using NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol) to transport data from local disk drives to NetApp disks.
  • Eliminate waste among end-users of shared storage space through implementation of disk tree quotas and disk mirroring on NetApp drive space.
  • Design and implement an internal group web page in HTML for UNIX users to seek help and give feedback.
Mar 1991Jul 1996

Senior Communications Systems Analyst

American Airlines / Sabre Decision Technologies
  • Senior Communication Systems Analyst and IT Integration Lab Engineer / Consultant for multiple systems assignments within PC / LAN / WAN environments and premise integration lab, involving diverse support, administration, and project leadership capacities.
  • Collect baseline data from each Reservation Office Data Center gateways using Data General Network Sniffer for analysis in lab.
May 1988Feb 1991

Computer Networking Engineer

General Dynamics
  • Computer Networking Engineer and Project Lead for 6 member team responsible for adds, moves and changes, as well as troubleshooting and problem resolution of computer hardware / software, communication lines, and peripheral equipment.




GPA : 4.00


  • Project Management
  • Information Systems Security Mgmt
  • Security Certification & Accreditation
  • Information Systems Security


University of Dallas

GPA : 3.5



DeVry Institute of Technology


University Texas at Arlington

Attended for transfer credits.



Northlake Community College


LINUX Certified Administrator (LCA)

SAIR Linux/GNU certification body

SUN Certified Systems Administrator (SCSA)

SUN Microsystems