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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Liberal Arts

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Emphasis Areas: Information Technology, International Studies, and Gender Studies

Liberal Arts Colloquium Thesis: “Making up in Democratic and Communist Countries”



Community Outreach/Information Services

Central Arkansas Library System (CALS)

When I joined CALS, the library was able to provide more access to information technology and instructional services and able to undertake a large-scale preservation project. I’ve participated in customer service and technology focus groups, developed programs, represented CALS at community events, written instructions and documentation, edited CALS communication, and assisted with various events.


Department of Rhetoric and Writing

University of Arkansas at Little Rock


Academic Literacy (2013)

Academic Literacy gives students a chance to practice academic reading and writing and to develop skills and strategies for college success. I developed teaching materials; informed students of the procedures for completing and submitting work; evaluated and graded assignments; and kept detail records of students’ development.

Editing for Usage, Style, and Clarity-Online (2012)

I collaborated with a seasoned professor to teach this introductory editing course. I used Blackboard 9.1 to lead and manage class discussions; read, evaluated, and responded to students’ work; helped students develop personal style sheets; and helped troubleshoot technical problems.

Composition Fundamentals  (2010)

Composition Fundamentals is a developmental course that emphasizes writing practice and fluency. I planned, facilitated, and coordinated the course; developed teaching materials; informed students of procedures for completing and submitting work; evaluated and graded assignments; scheduled and facilitated conferences.

Composition I (2010)

First-year composition emphasizes expressive and transactional writing and the development of well-organized papers that achieve the writer’s purpose and meet the readers’ needs. I planned, facilitated, and coordinated the course; developed teaching materials; and evaluated and graded assignments.


McNair Scholars Program

University of Arkansas at Little Rock


I was honored to be the alumna invited to help scholars plan and execute their research and develop their writing, and to offer them advice about graduate school and maintain a complete record of their progress. I liked being the liaison among scholars, faculty mentors, and program administrators and redesigning and editing the program’s newsletter: McNair News.


Community Services


In 2001, I assumed responsibility for the care of two disabled relatives. In 2003, I contacted Care Link for help and received the training I needed to become an official caregiver. The flexible schedule allowed me to take classes at UALR, and I later served as an intern in Care Link’s Community Services where I did audits, home visits, and re-certifications and provided information and assistance to seniors and their families.


Interviewer/Student Laborer

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

When I worked for Care Link, I was also able to work on-campus at UALR:

  • I was an interviewer for the Institute for Economic Advancement. I completed interviews according to survey research protocol which contributed to the accurate and timely completion of each study. 
  • I was also a student laborer for the department of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. I completed general office tasks and helped coordinate special events so administrators could focus on more important issues.

Data Conversion Operator

United States Postal Service

I accepted this data entry position because of the flexibility: I could take a class and take advantage of respite offered by family and friends. As a DCO, I read images of addresses and keyed essential information into a computer which converted the address information into a barcode that could be scanned and sorted by automatically.


Teller Coordinator

Bank of America

This was my first long-term, full time job. I started as a teller and gradually assumed the responsibilities of a teller coordinator: training, coaching, and scheduling tellers, approving transactions, controlling the vault, identifying sales opportunities and making appropriate referrals.



Online Research
Public Speaking
Community Outreach
Technical Communication