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My first experience as a dancer was through the core technique training of rhythmic gymnastics. I trained intensively and competitively as a rhythmic gymnast from the ages of 9 to 15. I was able to become a national rhythmic gymnastics champion. As part of our technique training, each gymnast had to take ballet class. I was then able to explore my dancing abilities at RNB Dance Theatre and Arts in Vancouver. Being able to freely express my thoughts and creativity through my body made me realize that dance is necessity in my life. I then began to take ballet, jazz, contemporary, modern, and sometimes, hip hop lessons at the RNB Dance studio. I competed in solos, duos, and group performances throughout numerous dance festivals in Vancouver as well as received a scholarship in the Triple Threat Dance Convention held in Vancouver. Once I graduated from high school, I decided to move to Montreal to complete my bachelors degree. I joined McGill's Inertia Modern Dance Collective and was able to learn from other passionate dancers with various dance backgrounds, and further enrich my choreography skills.

Dance Education


Inertia Modern Dance Collective

McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
  • Performance theatres include: La Chapelle, MAI (2014), Concordia Theatre, etc
  • Performed at Colonrectal Cancer Association of Canada's annual art gala
  • Choreographed at various performances
  • Trained at Ecole de danse contemporaine de Montreal

RNB Dance and Theatre Arts

Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Ballet (Up to Advanced 1 RAD Examination)
  • Contemporary (Choreographers include Lara Barclay, Monica Proenca)
  • Jazz (Choreographers include Vicki View), Modern, Hip Hop
  • Dance Festivals include: Peak Festival, Surrey Dance Festival, etc

Work experience


Student Teacher & Performance Assistance

RNB Dance and Theatre Arts
  • Taught various dance exercises to children
  • Helped teach choreography
  • Assisted dancers and staff in various performances
Jul 2010Aug 2010

Teacher's Assistant

Camp Monarch
  • Assisted staff in teaching various ballet lessons and supervised children