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Name: Lincoln Seymour                                                                               Birthday: 09/11/03

Age: 14                                                                                                                 Height: 5'2''

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde                                                                                Eye Color: Hazel


Billy Elliot in Billy Elliot the Musical - Porchlight Music Theatre

Tron - Chicago Dance Crash                                                                                                                   6th grade A cappella Performance

Danspiration 2010-2017 - All About Dance                                                                                       Winner of 2016 Speech Arts Contest

Dance Companies 


All About Dance company
Aug 2010Present

All About Dance Company:

Hip-Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, and Tap

18 hrs a week


Ruth Page Center For the arts
Dec 2015Present

Ruth Page Center For The Arts:


3 hrs a week


Chicago dance supply
Oct 2015Present

Chicago Dance Supply:

Model, promo shoots, videos, and other modeling events


Ik Gymnastics
Aug 2015Present

IK Gymnastics:



8th Grade

Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
Sep 2009Present

Educated in :

Math, Language Arts, History, Science, French, Reading, Music, Band, Physical Education, Art, and Health

Dance Scholarship

  • Official Power Pack Invitation to the StarDance Alliance Nationals in either Sandusky Ohio, Orlando Florida, or Ocean City Maryland (April 2017)
  • 2017 Mr. Starpower Title Champion: Starpower Dance Competition StarDance Alliance (April 2017)
  • One of the selected Tomorrow's Choreographers: Presented by the Dancers Awareness Project (March 2017)
  • West Coast Dance Explosion Elite Dancer Award: Free workshop tuition to Nationals (February 2017)
  • West Coast Dance Explosion: Eligibility to compete in the West Coast Dance Explosion National 2017 Dance Final Showdown (March 2017)
  • Adrenaline Elite Crew member: Free convention tuition to any one of the 2017 National Dance Honors (February 2017)
  • $200 off any one of the Adrenaline 2017 summer events and 50% off convention tuition to the first 2017-2018 Adrenaline Regional City - Adrenaline Dance Convention (February 2017)
  • Tour Scholarship: Free tuition to one Regional city - JUMP Dance Convention (January 2017)
  • NYCDA Ballet Full Tuition Scholarship Award for the 2016-17 Dance Season - NYCDA Dance Convention (January 2017)
  • Superstar Award NYCDA tuition scholarship for Ballet - NYCDA Dance Convention (January 2017)
  • The Pulse: Hip Hop choreography for the 2017 Pulse Nationals- The Pulse on Tour (November 2016)
  • Top 20 Junior Males in The 2016 National Dance Awards (July 2016)
  • Core Performer Winner Scholarship: $400 towards an intensive of you choice at DANCERPALOOZA - RADIX Dance Convention (April 2016)
  • Nationals Scholarship: Free workshop tuition to RADIX'S 2016 NATIONALS - RADIX Dance Convention (April 2016)
  • Tour Scholarship: Free tuition to ANY and ALL Nuvo Regional Cities and $400 off for the summer intensive DancerPalooza- Nuvo Dance Convention (March 2016)
  • Full tuition to the 2016 Dance Awards in either Las Vegas or Orlando- Nuvo Dance Convention (March 2016)
  • One Free tuition to The Dance Awards: JUMP Dance Convention VIP Winner Scholarship: $400 off your tuition towards a tuition of your choice at DANCERPALOOZA - JUMP Dance Convention (January 2016)
  • Eligibility to Compete to be the 2016 Best Dancer at The Dance Awards - JUMP Dance Convention (January 2016)
  • Eligibility to compete in the National NYCDA Outstanding Dancer Scholarship Awards - NYCDA Dance Convention (January 2016)
  • Junior Outstanding Dancer Runner-up: One free tuition to the NYCDA season finale Nationals - NYCDA Dance Convention (January 2016)
  • Exclusive Model Search Invitation: DanceWear Solutions - NYCDA Dance Convention (January 2016)
  • Ballet Scholarship: One Regional Convention - NYCDA Dance Convention (January 2016)
  • $50 scholarship Winner 2015-16 Season - Monsters of Hip-pop Dance Convention (November 2015) 
  • Non-stop Dancer Runner-up Scholarship: $250 off your tuition at DANCERPALOOZA - 24Seven Dance Convention (November 2015)
  • One Free tuition to The Dance Awards - 24Seven Dance Convention (November 2015)
  • Eligibility to compete as 2016 Best Dancer at The Dance Awards- 24Seven Dance Convention (November 2015)
  • tWitch's Weekend Warrior: One free workshop to one 24Seven Regional City - 24Seven Dance Convention (November 2015)
  • $100 off tuition for a summer 2016 event- The Pulse On Tour (November 2015)
  • The Dance Awards: Free tuition to any BreaktheFloor Productions conventions: Jump, 24Seven, and Nuvo (July 2015)
  • Top 17 Junior Male Best Dancer at The Dance Awards - The Dance Awards (July 2015)
  • Nuvo: Full tuition to ANY and ALL Nuvo Regional Cities and $400 scholarship towards Dancerpalooza (March 2015)
  • Nuvo: Full tuition scholarship toward The Dance Awards (March 2015)