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Faculty of Engineering- Helwan Uinversity

Bio-medical department

Activities History

Public Relations Volunteer ( VIP )

Egyptian Engineering Day ( EED )

Internal Public Relations director

IEEE- Helwan student branch

Magazine Member

Google student ambassadors

Technical Skills

- Basics of Matlab

- C++ Coding

- Basics of  Arduino

- Microcontroller

- Excellent Internet and Windows applications using.

- Very good knowledge of Microsoft Office.

- Electronics

- Basics knowledge of medical instruments

Non-Technical Skills

Good Computer skills

Excellent Presentation skills

Excellent Leadership Skills

Very Good in English

Communication Skills and teamwork

Self-confidence and I can work under stress

Organized and have Professional attitude


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Interests and Activities 

-Reading and writing ( novels , articles )

-Browsing and Listening to music.


-Self-studying whether in the technical or non-technical sections.


- To have a creative graduation project and continue it as a successful technical start-up.

- Trying to solve one of our biggest disease with inventing a new medical  instrument.

- To visit certain cities in Europe and Asia through 1 year.

- Have my own house on the forest island i can go.