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Work experience

Dec 2014Present

Sales PM

Quanta Computer Inc.
1. Responsible for project schedule control including cost control 2. Material readiness review with Material team for each engineer build 3. Regular conference call with customer for project alignment and communication. 4. Align build plan with customer and arrange necessary travel plan and factory build activities. 5. weekly review meeting with team and deliver project development status
Apr 2010Apr 2013

Digital Teaching Tools Editor (Temporary Editor in Chief)

Youth Culture Co., Ltd
- Project management of interactive questions and teaching aids. - Coordinate with industry teams and provide advice. - Use a business-plan format to create new digital education tools for teachers. - Create a company page on Facebook and promote the brand.
Sep 2008Aug 2009

Project Assistant

Taiwan’s National Science Council
- Dealt with creating animations for a national chemistry on-line examination. - Project website design and management. - Designed the project’s posters and publicity materials. - Chief International Conference on Science Education in Europe.



Digital Marketing (MSc)

University of Southampton

- Create the last New UK Yahoo homepage launch marketing campaign.

- Dissertation: the effective of branded mobile app toward the purchase intention


Information Communication (B.A.)

Tamkang University

•Relevant Coursework: My final project of university is the blog marketing for our team designed a set of figure, and successfully promote the products for my research.(2008)

•Honors: Captain of table tennis team-
- Being the chief planning supervisor of Tamkang National Table Tennis Championships.


Project Managemet
Digital Marketing
Mobile Marketing


My  name  is  Wan-Ping  Lin,  after  graduating  from  college,  I  was  equipped  with  more  than  3  years’  work  experience  related  to  project  management.  After  prudent  consideration,  I  decided  to  study  in  UK,  therefore  now  I  graduated  from  University  of  Southampton  majoring  in  MSc  Digital  Marketing. 

During  school  years,  I  accumulated  the  ability  including  sports,  social  science,  communication,  marketing,  which  cultivated  my  thinking  and  experience.  Moreover,  I  have  played  table  tennis  since  childhood  and  represented  my  county  as  team  captain  in  nationwide  tournaments  in  Taiwan.  This  experience.  I  held  “Tamkang  National  Table  Tennis  Championships”  in  university,  as  a  coordinator,  I  was  responsible  for  organizing  everything  in  this  sports  event.  The  precious  experience  earn  me  the  organizational  skills  as  well  as  the  ability  to  deal  with  contingency.  In  college  period,  I  was  involved  in  several  projects,  including  the  website  and  marketing  activities  for  firms.  Those  experiences  enhance  my  communication  skills  and  project  management  knowledge.  During  my  graduate  studies,  I  have  participated  in  the  new  season  of  UK  YAHOO  website  marketing  strategy  campaign,  also  invited  to  London  to  present  the  concept  for  YAHOO.
Digitalization  is  a  trend  of  future  marketing,  during  the  period  major  in  digital  marketing  I  was  not  only  learning  theory,  but  also  understanding  neuromas  critical  digital  marketing  skill,  such  as  Google  Analytics,  building  the  dynamic  websites  and  databases,  social  media  skill  use  in  marketing  and  virtual  channel  trends.  Moreover,  my  dissertation  topic  is  about  the  effectiveness  of  branded  mobile  applications  which  is  aimed  to  enhance  the  purchase  intention.

My  first  two  jobs  had  to  do  with  digital  education.  The  first  was  working  on  a  project  through  Taiwan’s  National  Science  Council,  which  dealt  with  creating  animation  for  national  chemistry  On-line  examination,  which  included  website  construction  for  teaching  chemistry  in  the  schools.  With  the  experience  in  holding  International  seminar,  my  language  communication  skill  and  project  management  knowledge  have  also  been  trained  well. 

During  the  period  at  Youth  Culture,  I  was  an  manager  in  charge  of  digital  teaching  tools  mainly  responsible  for  project  for  annual  digital  teaching  tools.  In  addition  to  managing  the  project,  the  resources  control,  schedule  estimates  and  guide  project  execution  skill  of  mine  were  developing  further  by  the  project.  Not  only  the  project  managing,  I  also  design  power  point  for  teachers,  which  trained  me  presentation  capacity.  As  our  company  has  a  long  history  in  Taiwan,  its  brand  image  was  relatively  old.  I  thus  took  it  upon  myself  to  create  a  Facebook  page  for  the  company  in  order  to  connect  with  a  young  generation  consumers,  thereby  we  successfully  vitalized  our  brand  image  by  opening  up  new  markets.  Afterwards,  with  barely  a  year  under  my  belt  in  the  company,  I  was  promoted  to  acting  editor,  this  is  a  persuasive  evidence  of  my  profession. 

I  have  experience  in  working  with  project  management  in  more  than  3  years.  In  addition,  after  one  year  study  in  UK,  my  language  skill  has  been  enhanced  and  I  have  also  built  up  solid  foundation  in  marketing.  Those  experiences  make  me  develop  problem  solving  and  management  skills.  Moreover,  as  table  tennis  team  captain  since  childhood,  I  know  exactly  the  importance  of  teamwork  spirit  as  I  have  always  built.  In  conclusion,  I  am  equipped  with  relevant  working  experience,  good  communication  skills  as  well  as  solid  language  strength.  I  will  definitely  dedicate  myself  to  your  company.