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Project Management

PMP Training Camp

LM21 Green Belt Certified

MCM Project Management

Cadence Project Management


SkillPath Inc. Managing Multiple Projects

ISO 9000


HP3000 Systems AdministrationCertified

HP Open Systems Architecture

Sun/Solaris Systems Administration Certified

Networking for Macintosh Certified

Customer Service

Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Behavioral Interview Process

Software Support Professionals

Personal Interview

Are you able to meet aggressive deadlines? Do you have experience doing so in the past?I have the ability to meet assigned projects with aggressive deadlines. Planned projects are ideal but not always the circumstance.Given minimal resources and little background, if something needs to be completed to meet a deadline or fix a problem, I address projects aggressively as presented and proceed with caution.  Projects with aggressive deadlines tend to move up in priority. Can you work under pressure?I work best under pressure applying quick problem solving and ad-hoc solutions. Projects deemed non-standard and providing my resolution does not jeopardize any facet of the business, I will work towards successful completion often meeting or exceeding a customer expectations.Whenever possible, I will include a contingency plan in case ever having to resort to these measures, it's available if necessary.Describe your ability to solve problems in the workplace.When resolving problems in the workplace, I try and identify  if it is a process, individual or tool.

  • Resource or individual, I will address an individual first to determine if there's a need to develop understanding or if an individual has the correct tools to perform the assigned task.
  • Process, I re-evaluate the process, determine the issue and modify where possible if it is determined a process which requires further explanation or another resource. Once the bottleneck has been defined, this is addressed accordingly.

Describe your previous job experience.With over 20 years in Information Technology Industries, my primary focus has been project management. Though I've held several positions in my career, I have been managing projects though not always reflected in my title or considered an assigned responsibility.Do you like working alone or in a team environment?I thrive in a team environment and can work very well independently. In todays industry, it is important to have a good balance of both. I possess a personality which empowers me good judgment based on a particular project I am working on, whether it requires individual or team efforts to complete.Do you like working in large groups?I enjoy working in large groups, I feel collective knowledge acquired is important. Large-scale projects are great to have additional resources for input and overall success. Not one individual has all the information needed at times, especially in large-scale, high budget, and mission critical projects.Do you prefer continuity in structure or frequent change in your daily work?I welcome change and challenges openly while understanding importance of a working process for operational duties. It's never a bad idea to look for improvements on any existing routine work as our work environment is always changing.Do you work well alone?I am a strong independent thinker and can work well alone.Do you work well under pressure?I work very well under pressure. I am familiar with being provided last minute projects or notification of something not working as designed. It is always a challenge I welcome to determine how quickly and efficiently I can resolve a problem or situation.How can you help our company be more profitable?Review of business at the "big picture" level and working to understand every aspect of the industry available to me. I examine the current situation, streamline existing processes where possible.  I am always looking for innovative, cost effective, and more efficient ways to provide value added services.How do you go about making important decisions?Important decision making skills are based on the project or role you are in. Decisions can be based on individual, business, and budget needs.

If a client presents a scenario and it is budget driven, then focus on budget first to make the necessary determination of the needs and develop a proposal.How do you handle change?As a strong advocate for continuous improvement in both workplace and life, I am one to analyze cause and effect of a change to determine if a proposed change is advantageous and profitable. If the change can provide added value, I will always seek this out.How do you measure the success of your work?Measurement of success can be reviewed by the outcome of my completed projects. If a process went smoothly, held to or utilized minimal budget and my client is satisfied with the outcome, this is a successful project. Once determined successful, I review this project for future models and run a checks and balances for lessons learned whether or not this can be improved or keep it up to date as changes in our industry are often made.How well can you multi-task?I have the ability to multi-task both small and large-scale projects. Though it is best to have primary focus on one project, my multi-task abilities allow me to think out of the box, switch focus where needed and apply this to any challenge presented.How would you rate your communication skills?I possess strong written and communications skills; verbal or written are both useful when working with clients, I am adaptable to present a project in the manner my client is most comfortable.Tell me about the way you work.I work on all projects with sense of high self expectations and demands. I share my high expectations with an assigned project team and motivate others to the importance of any project. I am biased towards specific attention to details and perfection.  I take pride in my work and encourage this thinking with my team.Tell me how you would handle multiple projects in the job.

I begin with reviewing time frame and impact to the business and rank projects accordingly before proceeding.

Good prioritization and collaboration with my clients help to establish order in how projects are prioritized. Some projects also are contingent on completing previous projects (ground work) establishing order to projects to follow.

Requested projects typically produce the element for more projects.

Tell me something about yourself that I didn't know from reading your resume.Well qualified for your position having several years of work experience, college courses, several training classes, and certificates, I have personal aspirations in becoming the best in my occupation and life.Offering several years of work experience, college courses, certificates of training in Professional and Technical arena, I strive to continue my career, training, and schooling.What aspects of your job do you consider most crucial?Crucial aspects to any successful project are to determine necessity, meeting or exceeding goals within budget, timelines, and customer satisfaction. "What value will this project add upon completion?"What new skills or ideas do you bring to the job that other candidates aren't likely to offer?Open minded, I am a strong advocate for continuous improvement.  I start with review of an overall process and always look for areas of improvement. I look to streamline existing processes or ensure an ongoing task performed is adequately documented, I will identify an area for improvement and offer suggestions for improvement.



· Project Management · Customer Service · Business Administration · Proactive · Marketing ·

· Logistics Planning · Competent Presentation Skills· Event Management · Contract Management

· Forecast and Budget Analysis · Technical Acumen · Experienced in MS Suite Applications · Accomplished Skilled Liaison · Risk Assessment · Research & Analysis · Well Written, Verbal Communications

· Leadership Presence· Continuous Improvement · Planning & Development ·


·Expert in Current MS Office Suite with emphasis in MS Project and SharePoint

·Team and goal oriented

·Works well independently or in large group capacity

·Fluid in Multi-task environment

·Driven to meet deadlines on time within budget for small or large scale projects

·Works well with all levels of project team and personnel

·Adaptability when working with diverse personality styles and cultural backgrounds

·Resourceful and adept in working under stress

·Creative management of conflict resolution

·Diplomacy and discretion in the workplace

·Highly organized

·Strong work ethic

·Positive attitude

·Resource hiring, evaluation, and development (career path development and encouragement)


When not working, I collect classic muscle cars and enjoy drag racing. 


Seeking permanent employment with your professional organization. Offering over ten years experience, high energy Senior Project Manager with Customer Service IT background.  Proven motivational leader with a successful background orchestrating events and planning logistic needs for hardware and software. Exceptional team player and detail oriented, professionally adept in communication and presentation. Strategic planner focused on process improvement and project flow. Dedicated to delivering exemplary technical and non- technical customer service.


LM21 Operating Excellence

Green Belt Certified

Lean Processes with Six Sigma Capability

ACS Certificate of Appreciation

5 years of Exemplary Service

Cadence Management Corporation

Project Management

MCM Project Management, LLC

Project Management Institute

Certificate of Appreciation in Lockheed Martin Business Solution, Portland Community College

Medal received for IT project participation in Disaster Recovery Project for Nike WHQ

Key to Success for Customer Service Excellence

Key to Success for mainframe to SAP Conversion Project

Work experience

Aug 1999Jun 2008

Project Manager

Affiliated Computer Services


Projects:Provided creative project management and coordination while utilizing existing project management principals for Desktop Support Team.Streamlined existing processes where possible.Component for ongoing Continuous Improvement.

  • Project management, planning, and operations for Desktop Services and additional internal groups to complete customer requested projects.
  • Contract Management.
  • Provided technical expertise.
  • Customer Service expertise.
  • Business administration.

Project manager

Siemens IT Services and Solutions


Project: Managed and planned multiple projects for all Special Event Requests and large-scale business group deployments. Worked as a contractor during transition phases of the IT Desktop Business Services from ACS to Siemens streamlining pre-existing business functions.

  • Provided project management for deployments, events, and special need requests at Nike WHQ.
  • Direct interface for Project Services with customers, internal team and vendors.
  • Organize and management of projects for all Nike requested events.
  • Research, analyize, and report to identify appropriate needs for each project.
  • Accomplish company and business goals assigned.
  • Developed project plans setting goals and deliverables and assembling appropriate team members for assigned project.
  • Beta tester for software and hardware evaluation prior to upgrade projects.
  • Partnered process user account requests in accordance to NIS Nike Security and ACS.
  • Identified any potential areas for budget issues before a problem is reported.
  • Contract Management.
  • Drafting and presentation for informational or training needs using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Power Point.
  • Development of process flow using Visio for written process documents.
  • Effective and courteous written and verbal communications with management, customers, peers, and   vendors
  • Experience with relational database concepts, and client-server concepts.
  • Provided reporting for forecasting.
  • Tracking work using programs Remedy and Clarify in addition to existing MS Access database tool.
Jun 1998Aug 1999

Project Manager


Projects:Provided creative project management and coordination while utilizing existing project management principals for Desktop Support Team.Streamlined existing processes where possible.  Developed and maintained Continuous Improvement Team.

  • Project management, planning, and operations in Desktop Services partnering with internal groups to meet customer requested projects.
  • Contract Management.
  • Provided technical expertise.
  • Customer Service expertise.
  • Business administration.
Jun 1997Jun 1998

Project Coordinator

Client:  PacifiCorp

Projects:  As a Project Coordinator and team leader for the Y2K project within IT Distributed Systems; I applied Project Management practices during the Y2K pre-planning phases.

  • Life-cycle management and planning for upcoming Y2K needs.
  • Day to day communications, decision-making, documentation and website updates.
  • Worked with our Primary Project Manager based in Salt Lake, UT providing details of our project progress and tasks performed by our Oregon based team.
  • Planned and hosted multiple vendor demo schedules and created and presented matrix analysis of our findings.
  • Prepared proposals for a variety of Y2K tool purchases.
Feb 1996Jun 1997

Desktop Support Analyst

Client:  Nike

Projects:As a Team Leader for Macintosh and PC Desktop Support.

Worked on special task teams for computing defect replacements.

  • Supported Macintosh and PC environments.
  • Provided courteous support functions and troubleshooting and resolution of desktop reported problems.
  • Consulted end users for hardware and software purchases in accordance to Nike’s recommended products standards lists.
  • Facilitated deployments (test, install and configuration)
    • Operating Systems Support
    • Microsoft Office Suite
    • Adobe
    • Lotus Notes
    • Oracle configurations
    • Graphic Design Software
  • Corporate receptionist phone system upgrade project.
  • Beta tested and evaluated applications prior to corporate implementation.
  • Test and implementation of non standard 3D scanning tools
  • Coordinated efforts for various software and O/S rollouts for areas assigned.

Information Technology

Applied skills in several roles in specified responsibility groups;

Computer Services | Computer Operations| Desktop Support | Telecommunications


BA Business Administration

Attended courses in Business Administration, pursuing Bachelors in Business Administration.  As time and opportunity arises in my next area of employment, I intend to complete any remaining courses and obtain my degree.



General studies and workshops offered during employment career.



Attended after High School attended general classes and pre-requisite courses.


DreamWeaver CS4
Use for developing, editing and maintenance of websites as needed or volunteer basis.
Microsoft Office Suite Applications
MS Word MS Excel MS PowerPoint MS Visio MS Project MS SharePoint MS Access  


HP 3000 Mainframe


Sun Solaris Systems Administration

Sun Microsystems

PMP Training and Education



MCM Project Management

Green Belt

Six Sigma

PMP Training and Education

• Project Management Institute ID 155986


Dave Schroeder

Glenn Marsh

Paul Strickland