Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2007 - Apr 2014

Self employed

Tmi Liina Junna

Costumer, designer, make-up artist and set dresser for several feature films, theatrical productions and production companies. Customers include well-known Finnish companies such as Filmiteollisuus, Solar Films, Ryhmäteatteri, Komia Helsinki, MRP Productions and Make-Up Forever.

Oct 2010 - Feb 2013

Store manager


Store manager and make-up artist for a cosmetics brand. Tasks included providing web content for brand, communications, visual merchandising, inventory, sales reports, customer service and make-up design. 

Sep 2010 - Dec 2010

Office and logistics assistant


Temporary employment: assistant for office, logistics, packaging department and marketing during high season. Back office tasks, documenting, translating office security directions (finnish-english-finnish) and packaging. 

Jan 2009 - Jun 2010



Temporary employment; make-up artist and customer service. 

Design and productions


Jan 2006 - Jan 2007

Make-up Artist

Maker MG International
Aug 2002 - Apr 2004

Textile arts, vocational training

HelPa Helsinki

Projects and voluntary work



Communications, marketing

Producing content for social media, marketing, visual merchandising for Inglot.

Project manager

Department manager for costuming and/or make-up for several productions.

Windows and Office tools

IT skills, including Excel, Word and several picture editors.


My story so far

My background may be in the visual arts and the world of theatre and cinema, but I am hoping my future will be in the field of HRM or consulting. I am currently doing my Masters degree in sociology at the University of Helsinki, minoring in statistics and economics. 

During my years of self-employment I have learned co-operation, social relations, precision, project management skills and the importance of communication. I am a fast learner and eager to familiarize myself with the world of academic work. I have work experience as a trainer/instructor from my previous employment and believe firmly the experience could be useful for any future employer. I am also a confident performer and able to provide written content quickly and effectively.