An internship where hands-on experience is attained that will lead to a full-time position in the area of  ministry focusing on women with an emphasis on relationship building, discipleship, mentoring, the development of life skills, personal growth/development, teaching Biblical truths in the Christian faith, evangelism, and leadership training.


Interests include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Meeting new people
  • Design and art
  • Singing and Music
  • Travel and experiencing new cultures 
  • Working out 


Full-time student studying to receive Undergraduate Bachelor's degree in Religion with Specialization in Women's Ministry and a minor in Family and Consumer Sciences. Enthusiastic, diligent, and teachable worker who is eager to gain hands-on experience. Vast amounts of leadership experience including, but not limited to, overseeing a hall of 65 college women as a Resident Assistant, one-on- five leading of small group with interpersonal relations, teaching, and communication responsibilities. Vibrant motivator as sole instructor for aerobics class where women are challenged both physically and spiritually 3 times a week. Honest yet persuasive sales/business experience as sales associate at Victoria's Secret for 1 and a half years gaining much positive feedback from fellow employees, managers, and customers.

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2009 - Present

Resident Assistant

Liberty University Office of Student Leadership

Student Leader ,along with 1 partner, on main campus of Liberty University whose duties include overseeing of 62 college women in the dorms, maintaining peace on the hall,  overseeing of  facilities, administrative duties, enforcing discipline on the hall and campus, as well as, the putting together of and personal discipleship of a leadership team consisting of 12 ladies that pour into the personal and spiritual lives of every student.

Oct 2008 - Present

Aerobics Instructor

LaHaye Student Union

Instructor of aerobic exercise class "Healthy Hearts" . Conceptualized idea of motivating people to become both physically and spiritually healthy for the Glory of God. Certified in AED/CPR. Leads class of approximately 5-10 people 3 times a week in entire body workout consisting of cardio, weight lifting, muscle toning, ab work, and flexibility training. Also leads in motivational speaking through the reading of Bible and devotion encouraging people to lead Christ-centered lives.

May 2008 - Present

Sales Asssociate

Victoria's Secret

Savvy Sales Associate whose main duties include communication, interpersonal relations, service, implementation of sales strategies, and knowledge of product and promotion. Promotes positive work environment and customer satisfaction centered service. Specializes in being a bra specialist which entails one-on-one customer interaction. Also, proficient in use of technology for sales purposes. Talented in generating sales through credit promotions.


Aug 2007 - Present



Full-time student in Undergraduate Studies as a Religion Major specializing in Women's Ministry with a minor in General Family and Consumer Sciences. Cumulative G.P.A is 3.46. Has successfully completed courses in Communication, English, Mathematics,Psychology, Theology, Interior Design, Event Management, Philosophy, Economics, and Spanish. Currently enrolled in classes centered on the Role of Women in Ministry, the Professional Orientation for Women in Ministry, and Bible base courses where exegetical study of texts is learned. Graduation Date: May 2011




Educated in Spanish for 4 years and can understand basics of the language. Can speak proficiently enough to hold basic conversation.

Microsoft Office 2007

Skilled in understanding and use of Microsoft Office. Can use program to create documents creatively and effectively.


Aug 2009 - Aug 2011

Heartsaver AED/CPR

American Heart Association