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Regatta, by Brodie Cobb

Regatta is a term for a series of boat races held at a single event lasting one or more days. While individual races are specific to type, for example, sailing, rowing, and occasionally motorized boating, a regatta event may include separate competitions in multiple classes. However, the most common type of regatta is sailing, which has a long, distinguished tradition.Held across the world, sailing regattas take place on small lakes, rivers, inland seas, and the ocean. The largest among the sailing regattas is Cowes Week, held in Cowes, England. The event hosts close to one thousand boats. The oldest sailing regatta is the Cumberland Cup held by the Royal Thames Yacht Club, also in England.In recent years, groups such as the International Laser Class Association (ILCA) have formed to organize sailing competitions for a specialized class of single-handed racing dinghies, leveling the advantage of crafts and testing competitors’ sailing prowess alone. Each year, the ILCA hosts qualifying and world champion events in men’s, women’s, and youth categories, with separate competitions for standard and radial crafts.About the Author: Brodie Cobb, a lifelong sailing enthusiast and winner of the 2006 Laser Master World Championships in Seoul, South Korea, continues to support Olympic sailing hopefuls and teaches sailing to children and young adults.


A native of Dallas, Texas, wealth management expert Brodie Cobb founded Presidio Financial Partners, LLC, in 1997, a firm that has become one of the top investment firms in California. Brodie Cobb serves as its Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director.Brodie Cobb attended Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in History in 1984. Subsequently, Brodie Cobb enrolled in the Master of Business Administration program at the University of Texas at Austin.Brodie Cobb began his career in the financial industry in 1988, shortly after completing his MBA. Initially, Brodie Cobb held a position at Security Pacific Bank, working with the company’s Leveraged Funding Group. In 1992, Brodie Cobb joined First Boston Corporation, where he served for three years in an investment-related capacity. After relocating to San Francisco, California, in 1995, Brodie Cobb accepted a position at NationsBank Montgomery Securities, which he held until founding his own firm.At Presidio Financial Partners, Brodie Cobb provides advice and capital, assisting wealth creators and their families to achieve their financial goals. Currently, Brodie Cobb and Presidio Financial Partners employ approximately 60 employees in Texas and California.Brodie Cobb attributes his firm’s success to a philosophy that encourages teamwork, purity of heart, and long-term relationships. While full-service brokerages are content to offer similar financial products to all customers, Brodie Cobb strives to develop forward-looking, wealth-creation strategies designed to meet the needs of successful entrepreneurial investors. Treating his clients as members of his team, Brodie Cobb has won the respect and continued business of many high-profile investors.In addition to his success in finance, Brodie Cobb, an avid sailor, has competed in major, international sailing tournaments. Brodie Cobb also enjoys bicycle racing. He lives in San Francisco with his family.


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